Jan 31

About 5 months ago, Jon huntsman was interviewed by Wall Street Journal and seems positive to bring China-US relations to the ‘next level’ as mentioned in my piece here.


January was a bad month between China-US relations. First there was the google incident. Then the US announced the $6.4 billion in arms to Taiwan. Now China wants the beloved panda Tai-Shan back (I’m kidding about the Tai-Shan part.) Though the arms sales seems to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. If you go to Chinadaily’s website, there is no less than 10 articles and opinions about this spat.


It is strange that most European countries seems to be non-involved in this issue between the 2 countries, but I can safely say that Huntsman career as a diplomat in China is largely a waste.

Jan 30

Uln posted a great piece on the Google matter on his blog. Go there to read the whole thing – a selection follows. Continue reading »

Jan 27

Rand’s 2005 report on China

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Two items to discuss.

1. Have China changed in last 5 years? In other words, how true are the concepts for China today?

2. How good is the Babylon translator?

The English version (translated from Chinese) comes first and then follows by the Chinese version.


The United States the Rand Corporation on the Chinese people evaluation
The United States the Rand Corporation is a well-known non-profit research institutions, to the United States official “objective analysis and effective solution. Recently, they public more of a China-U.S. relations analysis report, that is a positive, has a strict criticism, it is worth people of the country reflection. This article Rand Corporation from Asia-Pacific Policy Center.

read as follows:
If the twentieth century of China is a rich and the national unity, we will have a completely different the First World War, we will not have the Second World War but 2 European wars. China can prevent Japanese aggression or defeated Japan. The United States ahead and the cost from fundamental sense, a much reduced since Pearl Harbor incident will not occur. We and the whole world, not to mention 1 billion Chinese people, a century, has to China’s weak paid a heavy price. The world needs a healthy China.

China’s demand to Japan out recession last year. Japan situation to the world economic risks. On this point, I’m are not 誇 Zhang. The Japanese high levels of debt will produce domino domino effect, gradually spread to the world. In the help of China’s strong, and the danger seems to have over the past. China globalization to the United States has brought a lot of impact. The most obvious is that China has become the largest U.S. goods market.

Coca-Cola has already accomplished its that look like the myth: sell 1 billion Coca-Cola bottle; once ridiculed dream of China in the common Chinese sell a lot of Buick auto, in a difficult time the profit China 占 General profit by a substantial part of it; China’s legend IBM purchase PC business, and save the dying sector jobs. China to provide more low-price the necessities of life for the Americans live in water standards has made great contribution, particularly for we are not well the residents of well-off. There are indications that because it can purchase of China’s low-price export goods, low-income Americans’ lives in water standards may increase the 5 to 10 per cent.

China’s financial system not reasonable means that the Chinese construction of dying enterprise, resulting in large excess capacity. In recent years, China’s financial policy volatile lead to the excessive construction of iron, aluminum and cement and other raw materials produced a huge demand. Japanese and Chinese now there seems to be purchase of world of all things, but when you see their financial situation of the when potential problems, you will find a black hole. The Japanese in the 1990s into such a black hole, and is still in efforts to crawl out. China

A lot of people after years will still be for the current such uncontrolled and fanatical felt very sad purchase acts.
At present, China faces enormous challenges. The Bank of China as we know the worst in the World Bank. China each generation, there are quite large scale population in the United States for the rural areas to urban areas. Each year, have 1200 ~ 13 million new workers to join work force. In in the industry, and the productivity to employment effects than our country to a more serious. By 2020, China’s population aging will make the working population and not working population ratio the world’s largest worse than the Japanese even worse. If there was no magic new policies, China’s economic during that period will be severely over a wall. The Year 2020, to our standard standards, it will be a very poor countries.
Chinese lack of good faith and social responsibility. The Chinese do not understand its them as social individual should state and social responsibilities and obligations. ordinary Chinese people generally 只 interest in their families and relatives, the Chinese cultural is built on the family lineage hill and not on a rational social. The Chinese 只 in their immediate families, as well-being of their own unrelated the suffering people turning a blind eye. There is no doubt that this kind of blood as hill based ethics selfish would inevitably lead to cold, such a selfish and cold had become a barrier China Social Development The most crucial factor.

China has never had become a rule of law, because the Chinese ways of thinking and law-abiding conduct incompatible. The Chinese to take a shortcut. They do not understand such a fact that success is coming from and hard work and sacrifice. The Chinese tendency and not to obtain 于. They need to understand why one principle that life is not really said how many of you, you can be obtained from the you can be given to social and your fellow human beings.

Most Chinese who have never learned what had been a decent and honorable to life. Chinese people have generally do not know how to personal and social well-being of productive life. subconscious about that the Chinese regard their lives to elevate their own thus enjoy other people’s awareness. In this way, a person is to keep” face” would be satisfied negligible desire. ” face” is a Chinese psychological the basic components, and it has become the Chinese people to the insurmountable obstacles hindering the Chinese accept the truth and try a meaningful life.

This should be condemned habits and characteristics of the Chinese life of a relentless and selfish characteristics, and it has become the main reason behind China.
The Chinese lacked the courage pursue their view, the correct thing. First, they have not from the error screened right things of capabilities, for their thoughts have been greed has occupied. Further, even if they can filter the correct, and they also lacked courage the truth into practice.
The Chinese accustomed to cheap and free of charge things, they are always dream miracle or good luck, because they are not willing to make efforts, they always wanted free-rider. There is little Chinese aware of the fact that prestige and achievements through a step by step is hard work and sacrifice, do not pay no income. In short, if it is to make a living, the

A personal 只 have to obtain; but if that is to make a living, one must need to go to dedication.
In the poverty and environment as a result of growth and lack proper education, most Chinese do not know how the elegant demeanor and basic courtesy. Most of them to dress clumsy crude but does not feel shy. They in the youth, because the education of how from others and lying about the solicitation, rather than to and others to share their own.
China is a rich in natural resources. But unlimited fertility policy making China bring adverse consequences of unlimited cheap labor in exporting countries. The output also include those educated labor output, apart from their education water standards but in reality and other general coolie not fundamentally the difference.

China’s large-scale production of cheap products reduced the importation of these products in the region commercial credit ratings. due to inadequate technologies, the management failures in China for the unit of energy use than developed countries like Japan, the United States are much higher. Therefore, with exports increased by China in expanding production and losing his precious energy. At the same time, that such acts also seriously polluted the environment, the China into the world’s most are unfit for human living.

Currently, China is suffering from a capitalist 2 evil torture, namely, the environmental destruction and human lost. Because the Chinese people born to be the greed in the nature, they can say without reservation the accept capitalism’s dark side of endless pursuit of profit overlook the human dignity. The Chinese people’s Western technology and products fanatical pursuit, but the Western management culture has emphasized the frank, direct and honest these qualities indifference.
The Chinese culture does not encourage risk-taking such good quality, so Chinese try to avoid risk-taking, they do not want to find opportunities to improve their living. The Chinese people living the balance of nature and significance and are not interested, and instead more obsessed with the request of material, this point is far better than Westerners. Most Chinese discovered they do not know,” Ling,” freedom belief” and “Mental Health” such a concept, because their ideological and cannot attain a life (S.: the physical and spiritual co-exist) the presence of a higher level. They thought remain focused on animal instincts of sexual and food that poor desire greed

In the Chinese eyes, education is not in order to search for truth or improving quality of life and the 只 identity and prominence is the symbol and Che subject. China’s intellectuals from others that about to respect and not because of their to other people’s well-being done nothing about, and the 只 because they were possession of a considerable knowledge. In fact, most of them 只 were just a group understands only concern but has never examination truth and moral patrons.

China’s education system has become a large extent as a failure and stigma. It is not capable of serving 于 education, which should the articles: society. The education system cannot be provided to many useful individual. It is 只 in building a group opportunists, it is eager to benefit from the offered by society without concern benefits return.
China can develop a large number of high-level to talent, but very little can develop a qualified to independent chairmanship of management-level expert. serve a company or the social that technology is not enough; there is also have the courage, courage, integrity and honesty leadership, that is precisely what is lacking most Chinese character. As Arthur Smith, a famous of Western missionaries a century ago pointed out that the Chinese people most lacks is not wisdom, courage and integrity of the rather than pure temperament. The evaluation, although after 100 years, but still standards are diagnosed SARS China cause.

Most Chinese abroad for the selection of graduates to work abroad will not feel guilty, in fact, they owed to the Chinese people on education for their sacrifices. As the traditional cultural values of destruction and gradually weak, most of the Chinese people, including educated people wandering in inner spirit and the intersection, like lost dogs, did not know where to go.







目前,中國面臨著巨大的挑戰。中國的銀行是我們所知道的世界上最糟糕的銀行。中國每一代,都有相當於美國規模的人口從農村湧入城市。每年,都有 1200~1300萬新工人加入就業大軍。在製造業,生產力對就業的影響比我們國家要嚴重得多。到2020年,中國人口老齡化會使工作人口與不工作人口的比率成為世界上最糟糕的,比日本更甚。如果沒有特效的新政策的話,中國的經濟在那個時期就會狠狠地撞牆。到2020年,以我們的標準來看,它會是一個非常窮的國家。










Jan 26

According to China’s network emergency response team, CNCERT, China is the most hacked nation in the world, and majority of the attack originate from United States.

China Is The Most Targeted Country By Hackers

[168 IT Safety] According to news sources, National Computer Network Emergency Response Team (CNCERT) center deputy directory Zhou Yonglin, on 1/22, CNCERT has not received “any concrete information regarding the incident from Google.”

Zhou says, China is the largest victim of internet attack, its web safety is in a dire situation.

Google’s “web attack originating from China” lacking evidence

Zhou explains, web safety is unlimited by the physical world, that hackers with average ability can easily select and attack targets, and hidden its location and identity during the attack.

The openness of the web allows hackers to be borderless. It’s not only unreliable, but also unprofessional, to say an attack is from Chinese hack because the originating IP is in China.

Zhou says, after CNCERT found out Google’s attack is from China, they have become very interested, and continue to hope Google will contact them, to allow deeper understand and providing necessary support. However, besides the public notice and some media reports, so far CNCERT has not received any concrete information regarding the incident from Google.”

China is the most targeted country by hackers

Zhou Yonglin says, China is the largest victim of network attacks.

According to CNCERT sampling of Trojan horse and zombie programs, in 2009 262,000 server IP were under control of Trojan horse program, with 165,000 overseas controlling address, where 16.6% originated from US(#1); 837,000 server IP were under control of zombie program in 2009, with 190,000 controlling address, where 22.34% from US(#1). Hacked websites is well over 42,000, including 2765 government websites (gov.cn) including provincial websites.

Another survey by Symantec, in 2008 Web safety and threat report pointed out, China is #1 in number of computer infected with zombie program, 13% of all infected computers. This also shows China is the largest victim of network attack.

Jan 25

Google’s recent drama in China has endeared itself to some human rights activists, democracy advocates, even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Many have applauded Google for taking a “principled stance” against the evil empire of China.  I find such rhetoric comical. Continue reading »

Jan 19

Chinese culture is rich and amazing. Did you know that the main melody at the 2008 Beijing Olympics medal ceremonies were composed using only musical instruments that were made 2,450 years ago? That melody was a version of “茉莉花” or “Jasmine Flower.” It was adapted by famous Chinese composer Tan Dun and Wang Hesheng (of the Chinese Army orchestra) using the ancient instruments for the 2008 Olympics medal ceremonies. According to this China Daily article, “Classical piece will ring in ears of winners“:

“The main melody, which Tan described as “glorious, heartwarming and full of respect”, was recorded using the digital recording of a 2,450-year-old bell set excavated from a site in Hubei.”

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Jan 16

I will start with a big laugh! When a sign in a beautiful museum says, “No cameras and video taping is allowed”, what do you think it meant? And what do you think a Chinese tourist will do?

The ongoing talks about Mainland Chinese’s civic conscience and daily public behavior are mostly negative. But it is not always racially prejudicial nor finger pointing. All we have to do is to look at this guy Haison Jiang and listen to his friends. He defiantly sneaked through Newark’s Liberty Airport and caused a 6 hour delay and pain for several thousand people. Forget about what the US should do or do to that TSA guard who stepped away. They should improve, make changes and the guard should be reprimanded, etc, etc.. But the fingers should all point at Jiang. With people like this, what can we really do? Why he did it? Here is the interesting part:

Jiang’s friend said, “He didn’t mean anything malicious!”. That’s it! These are well educated graduate students. Not poor peasants from some rural villages. That showed how low and distorted their sense of right or wrong has become.   As long as Jiang did not carry a bomb, what’s the big deal if he ignored the signs and rules? How clumsy and inefficient the Americans are.

Who said Jiang was malicious and did it have to be malicious? It all comes down to “pay no attention to the rules”, “pay no mind to other people” and “pay no mind to the signs”. I don’t think Jiang meant anything malicious. So are those who spit in front of you, talk loudly on subway trains, cutting in front of people who are waiting in line, taking pictures and videos where it is clearly prohibited, smoking where they shouldn’t …….  No wonder they said China has more freedom than the US.

My uncle spat on the rug in a restaurant in Guangzhou and said it was okay because the workers would clean the floor every night anyway. He didn’t mean to be malicious.  I don’t even think that those who sold tainted baby milk meant to be malicious. They just wanted to make more money and couldn’t care less about anyone else. These are just characteristics of a people whose values had been distorted first by a brutal and destructive period of time and then by a materially rich but morally poor and intellectually stifling system. A political system that believes that by having control, censorship,  a single voice, a single national ideology and a single life’s aspiration will lead to a safe and harmonious society.

At my age, I am not sad any more. China is still not free.  It is a authoritative state.  The crime is: it sweetens the bitterness by corrupting the mind of its people.  Everyone becomes materialistic.  The most rewarding and safest way to live in China is being materialistic.    I don’t give a damn for the people who choose to ignore this part of China and just go for its wealth and opportunities. I don’t feel any part of this “rising great nation”. But the West is going to learn. It may not be China’s toys, drywall, tires, bogus CDs, or its money and military might that will bother and scare the West. It may well come down to someone who urinate in their streets. The latter is more realistic.

Jan 15

(If this one by General Song Zuying Mr. Sha Baoliang gives you goose bumps, visit here for an earlier version of the same song)

In America, I haven’t seen anybody getting married without an exchange of vows that goes something like this: “I, (Bride / Groom), take you (Groom / Bride), to be my (wife / husband), to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part. “

Traditionally Chinese wedding does not have such formal vows.  The newly-weds just have three bows during a wedding, usually announced by a wedding host:  “First, bow to the heaven and earth; second, bow to the parents; third, bow to each other!”  Continue reading »

Jan 15

Here’re few headlines in Chinese media regarding Haiti earthquake:

中国国际救援队抵达海地太子港 – China International Rescue Reaches Port Au Prince

中国国际救援队在海地开展医疗救助 – China International Rescue Mission Begin Medical Aid

基础设施无法使用 海地震后救援面临巨大挑战 – Basic Services Lacking, Haiti Rescuers Face Daunting Challenge

中国8名在海地被埋维和人员下落不明 – Eight Peacekeepers In Haiti Remain Unaccounted

海地地震伤亡仍无法估计 全国1/3人口需紧急援助 – Haiti Quake Casualty Mounting, 1/3 Population Need Emergency Aid

郑州小姑娘捐稿费给海地灾民 – Zhengzhou Girl Donates Allowance To Haiti Victims

Here’s how how you can help.

Jan 13

This may not be a profound truth that I just discovered, but have you noticed that Chinese food and Chinese thinking have a lot to do with each other? Obvious as it may seem, one can become more reflective after encounters with another type of food and thinking behind it. In my case, the comparison is between China and America.

1. In cooking we don’t have “1 cup”, “1/4 cup”, “1 teaspoon” measurement, we say “a little salt”. Exactly how little is little, it’s all a matter of exposure (to other cooks), exchange (of experience) and experience (of your own practice). We don’t have “preheat oven to 425 degrees” either, we say “small fire”, “medium fire”, “”big fire”. Scratch your head and think what these mean. The Chinese mind is similarly conditioned to process such chaotic vagueness with ease and patience.

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Jan 13

Google issued a press release on their blog just a few hours ago pertaining to their operation in China. It is big news and will take some time to digest. I don’t want to comment, just get the story out.  Continue reading »

Jan 08

on freedom of speech,

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I have a question about freedom of speech :

It means PEOPLE have the freedom to express their OPINIONS, right ?

So there are two categories here : People and opinions.

First categories , People can be

1) people mistreated by government.
2) people needs government help because of accidents.
3) people lost all of his savings cuz of their stupidity
4) people didnt get what they wanted (the amount of money) from government.
5) people who are lazy but want to enjoy the benefits of govenrment.
6) people who want all kinds of benefits, no matter how unreasaonable their requests are.
7) people who mislead other peoples.
8) people who dont like the government so they nickpick the problems of government everywhere
9) people who only show people the facts that can sell their agenda but hide other facts.
10) people who are lawyers (you know what I mean)
and SO ON.

Second categories, opinions :
1) complains towards the government cuz of being mistreated.
2) complains towards the government cuz government ignores his misforture.
3) blame government for his loss in his investment.
4) blaime goverment for not giving him what he asked.
5) bash government cuz he didnt have the benefits.
6) bash government for his misery (cuz of his own laziness.)
7) bash government cuz he spent more than he earned.
8) bash government cuz government doesnt make the plan like he wants.(or his boss wants)
9) bash government cuz he wants to make this government look bad.
10) bash government cuz he wants to make himself look good, hence more political influence for him.
and SO ON.

My question :

Do you consider every COMBINATION from these two categories part of “freedom of speech”?

Jan 07

Haiers true wireless HDTV (gizmodo.com)

Haier's true wireless HDTV (gizmodo.com)

The word “wireless” has really become an oxymoron. For example, are cell phones really wireless? Not really, because without a charging cable, cell phones are useless. At the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Haier has demonstrated a true wireless HDTV. No wires. No power cable.
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Jan 07

TheAnalogGirl_bRather than stick to just one country, I thought I’d highlight underground music from Hong Kong on this post and add a little bit from the rest of Asia on the end. On the left is the Analog Girl, one of the hottest acts on the continent. Hailing from Singapore, the electro-rock chanteuse was named by TIME magazine as one of the 5 Music Acts to Watch in 2008. Since that time she’s toured the world with her unique sound.

I also got interested in the underground music scene in Hong Kong after I discovered “The Underground Channel” on YouTube.  After the jump, we’ll feature videos from Quasar, Tacit Closet, Soler, The Sinister Left, DJ Matthew Veith, Hardpack, Audiotraffic and Poubelle International. We’ll also hear from Jakarta’s Goodnight Electric, Malaysia’s Zee Avi and Beijing’s P.K. 14 along with Japan’s Vamp and YMCK. Finally for some of the older crowd, I want to introduce a couple of Enka style acts from Japan, which is surprisingly similar (at least to me) of some of the classic Chinese singers.

Today’s collection is very eclectic so hopefully there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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Jan 07

I recently came across an opinion poll from the Global View Survey Research Center concerning present public opinion in Taiwan on a range of subjects. In the past, many of us have commented on the state of affairs in Taiwan, not only in terms of her relationship to China but also involving the political thought within the nation. Rather than draw any conclusions, I thought I’d make this same data available to our blog members and see what you think.

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Jan 02

When I started following the China-ASEAN free trade agreement few years ago, I knew they were on an accelerated pace, and I knew this day would come. This is such an awesome start for 2010! I have no doubt ASEAN+China will eventually extend to ASEAN+China+Japan+Korea. Here is Xinhua’s report, “China-ASEAN free trade area starts operation“:
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