Dec 19

Apparently, after much drama, intrigue, and sleepless nights, we have some sort of agreement at Copenhagen. We’ll probably get the text of the Copenhagen Agreement soon. But I think the gist of it is as follows: Continue reading »

Dec 15

minipost-Global Warming or Global Fussing?

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Chinese philosopher Liezi once described a story about a man from the Kingdom of Chi who was so worried that the sky would fall down that he was losing sleep and appetite and generally the will to live. The phrase “Qi Ren You Tian”(杞人忧天) has then evolved into a generic idiom describing a big fuss over nothing, used typically in negative connotations. After the global warming theory came into fashion, now once again, people are worried about the sky falling over!

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Dec 14

minipost-An 1833km pipeline for regional peace

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A theory often taught in foreign policy courses is that heavily interdependent states tend to want peace and stability between them. I was very encourage to read that a massive gas pipeline, 1,833-kilometers in length, has been constructed, linking Turkmenistan through central Uzbekistan, southern Kazakhstan, and into China through northwestern Xinjiang province.
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Dec 09

In case you haven’t heard, the multiple Grammy®-winning cellist Yo-Yo Ma, is celebrating his 30th anniversary recording with Sony Music through the release of Yo-Yo Ma: 30 Years Outside the Box, a deluxe limited-numbered box set of his recorded legacy. Comprised of 88 discs of original album releases and an additional two discs of bonus material, 30 Years Outside the Box is the definitive collection of this iconic artist in a presentation as beautiful and timeless as the music itself. It has quickly become a popular gift for the holidays!

Yo-Yo Ma: 30 Years Outside the Box includes:

* 90 CDs – every original album Yo-Yo Ma has recorded to date.
* 2 Bonus Discs featuring the first release of John Williams’ Suite from Memoirs of a Geisha for Cello and Orchestra.
* Entirely re-mastered with DSD technology.
* 312-page hard-bound book.
* Beautifully designed, velvet-lined box.
* Numbered limited-edition with letter of authenticity.
* Rare archival photos, essays, full track lists, original liner notes, and more.

The Yo-Yo Ma collection is available for sale at…



Barnes and Noble:

As an Asian American (I’m Filipino!), I am proud to say that Yo-Yo Ma has even more achievements worth celebrating:

* His album “Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy And Peace” recently received a Grammy nomination for Best Classical Crossover Album.
* He was named a U.N Peace Ambassador in 2006.
* He performed at President Obama’s inauguration who also appointed him to serve on the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities.

Yo-Yo Ma’s boundary defying career and his place as a cultural figure known throughout the world is surely a source of inspiration for the global Asian community!

Dec 08

李白 (Li Bai, 701-762AD) is one of the most beloved Tang Dynasty (618-907AD) poets in Chinese history. This is a rendition of his poem, 静夜思 (“Thoughts on a Still Night”) where he reminisces his home. Below are couple of videos presenting this poem in various ways. Many Chinese children, some, perhaps shortly after they start talking, will be taught this poem (see second video below).
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Dec 05

Immaculate Machine’s Tour of China

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im003_10x6 (Large)We’ve written about China’s music scene in the past and remarked how few hip bands actually tour the country. Most of what appears are singers and bands that saw their heyday decades ago.

With the help of Louis Yu, Vancouver’s own Immaculate Machine is currently touring China. They are a side project of the New Pornographers, and their newest album, “High on Jackson Hill”, featured appearances by Alex Kaprano of Franz Ferdinand and members of the Cribs. They’ve also worked with such famous performers as Neko Case and AC Newman.

So for all our readers who live in China and wish they could see more quality acts, here’s your chance to catch a hot band that really knows their stuff. Their concert dates are after the jump.

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