Sep 09

minipost-(Letter) Beijing Paralympics Opening Ceremony

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China kicked off 2008 Paralympics on September 6 (h/t to CBC for covering it): Continue reading »

Sep 09

The recent political turmoils have received relatively scant coverage in the Western Press.  Nevertheless, many of us here at Foolsmountain think the events in Thailand are important and interesting because they touch upon so many interesting issues – including the rule of law, democracy, class warfare, public education, and the role of military – all of which are also pertinent to China. Continue reading »

Sep 09

Below is a report about Olympic gymnast Jian Yuyung’s humble beginning. I found it while trying to substantiate which year Jiang, one of the gymnasts accused of being underage, entered local gymnastics program in Liozhou (appearantly 1994 when she was ONE YEAR OLD – if the allegation she was born in 1993 is true): Continue reading »

Sep 09

Here’s a bit from a famous poem by a famous colonial-era British author. I’ll put the original and then an updated version, since his English is old and a little hard to understand. It’s from “The Ballad of East and West,” by Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936). Continue reading »

Sep 09

minipost-(Letter) One Person One ID Number

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China has just decided to fix the ID number for the Taiwanese who use Mainland issued travel document Tai Bao Zheng, to travel from Taiwan to Mainland. This travel document is the only valid legal ID document. Continue reading »