Aug 05

郭宝锋, 你妈妈说言论自由有合法的限制, 不包括煽动,危害公共秩序的言论 – 你忘了死厨师案件吗?

她也说你不应该翻发假证据, 指责警察轮奸, 尸奸, 并涵盖了轮奸.  据美国计划生育组织这案件于宫外孕是一致的. 警方调查严晓玲的男朋友,他们的朋友,尸检,也证明她的死亡原因是子宫外孕,  卵管破裂,大量出血,休克.

你指责验尸官拔出子宫毁灭证据,但是,你知道拔出器官是尸检标准?你 Google 一下  “Rokitanski metnod” 好不好? 这和你认为严重轮奸可以打破卵管显示你缺乏基本知识.

郭宝锋, 你妈妈叫你不要诽谤警察.

Aug 05

In recent days, there have been widespread and unchallenged reports of Rebiya Kadeer’s accusation in Japan that 10,000 Uighurs disappeared overnight in Urumqi on July 5. I can not find a transcript of Ms. Kadeer’s press conference speech. The following, from the Guardian, is one of the more detailed and also seemingly the most critical account of her accusation:

“Almost 10,000 people attending the protests in Urumqi disappeared in one night,” Kadeer, president of the pro-independence World Uighur Congress, said. “Where did they go? If they died, where are their bodies? If they were detained, where are they being held?”

It was unclear where Kadeer got her numbers from.

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