May 03

Lin Zhao 林昭

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林昭(1932 -1968)籍蘇州。1954年考入北京大學中文系新聞專業,才華出眾,曾任《北大詩刊》編輯,北大《红樓》詩刊编委,是北大校園内公認的才女。1960年被捕,判刑20年,在獄中受盡非人折磨。1968年4月29日被秘密處决,嘴裏塞棉花,嘴上貼封條,同日有人到林昭家索要子彈費。林昭的墓在蘇州,墓碑正面寫着:「林昭之墓」。墓碑背面寫着:「自由無價,生命有涯 寧為玉碎 以殉中華。林昭1964年2月」。

林昭的遺作有【無題】九章,用血題在衣上,後由有良心的獄卒帶出。 其中一首如下:


May 03

— 白丁
The martyr’s name is Cai Gong Shi (蔡公時). Ji Nan (濟南) is a city in the Shan Dong (山東) Province. Here is a brief background of Cai before he was murdered by the Japanese. He was born in 1881 in Jiu Jiang (九江) of Jiang Xi (江西). When he was 18, he had risked everything to organize a progressive group called the “Beware of Stains” (慎所染齋). Later, it was banned by the Manchu government. He then traveled to Japan and attended school. After he heard Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s speech, he was so moved that he joined Sun’s United Democrats Society (同盟會). He and Sun’s comrade Huang Xing (黄興) returned to China and worked secretly in Jiangxi to overthrow the Manchu. After Sun’s Revolution in 1911, he joined the Kuomintang’s campaign against Yuan Shi Kai (袁世凱). The first campaign was a loss and he had to flee to Japan again. He studied in Tokyo’s Imperial University. Yuan Shi Kai seized all his property in China and his first wife died in grief and fear.
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May 03

This post is inspired by the following video, that many of you will have seen already.

Beijing dancing traffic cop

Personally I think this is someone who enjoys his job, or otherwise woke up with a spring in his step that day.

I certainly love my job. People often see work differently, and that will be even more so whilst the global recession lasts where there’s less choice over where you can work and what you can do. But I would feel sad if I didn’t feel that I liked what I did every day.

What about you? Does work make you feel happy, or is it a means to an end? What about the other people in the country you live in?