Aug 21

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Aug 21

minipost-Russia, South Ossetia, China and West

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On Wednesday, Mr. Gorbachev wrote an opinion piece in New York Times commenting on the South Ossetia crises. The following passage sounded eerily familiar: Continue reading »

Aug 21

minipost-(Letter) How Do I Love The Medals, Let Me Count The Ways

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(h/t to anti-CNN) Continue reading »

Aug 21

Even though Buxi isn’t back, why don’t we return to a fine tradition of this blog? This post from Niubo (牛博), a Chinese forum often filled with discontent with how things are, has something interesting to add about the age of Olympic gymnast He Kexin. Translation below:

On the question of the Chinese gymnast He Kexin’s age, one fact is certain, that is, there is an inconsistency between the local athletic bureau and the central athletic bureau. So, is it that:

1. The local athletic bureau is correct, and the central athletic bureau changed her age to older?


2. The local athletic bureau falsified, and changed her age to younger?

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