Oct 15

Oh ~ Black Blind Island, Welcome Home

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On October 14, half of Heixiazi Island (lit. black blind island) was transferred from Russia to China, completing the last piece of the border settlement pact signed by the two countries in the mid-1990’s. Back in the day, Jiang Zemin took a lot of heat for signing this, because it was felt by some that China had lost a claim on the much larger Sixty-Four Villages area of Qing-era Outer Manchuria.
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Aug 21

minipost-Russia, South Ossetia, China and West

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On Wednesday, Mr. Gorbachev wrote an opinion piece in New York Times commenting on the South Ossetia crises. The following passage sounded eerily familiar: Continue reading »

Aug 03

(To be translated) Dialogue: Is Russia’s reform more successful?

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作者:南方周末记者 余力



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