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(Letter) Quizhou’s jamboree bonfire

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(博讯北京时间2008年6月29日 转载)

强国论坛 translate Strong Nation Forum ,on http://www.people.com.cn,the official website of People’s Daily,is one of the extreme nationalistic forum in mainland China.On 20-June morning,Hu jin-tao went on-line for 15 minutes,resulting in tens of thousands of netizens,all log-in onto that web page and try to have a chat with Hu,”Brother No1″,an affectionate nick name given to Hu by young bloggers(in their 20 or early 30),they themself are nick-named “Angry Youths”
Most of the blogs written by these “Angry Youths” are pro-government,such as anti CNN,anti Dalai Lama,kill Sharon Stone,stuff like that.That was the main reason “Brother No1″ went on-line there because that is his home turf,100% no funny or embarrassing comments.
On 28-June,the students riot in Wen An ,has changed the color of “Angry Youth” (on both people.com.cn and xinhua.cn) once and for all.For the first time in the short history of Chinese internet,95% of comments posted on Tianya.cn,sina.com.cn,xinhua.cn and people.com.cn were supporting the students,calling those local officials “Liers”,calling for the immediate resignation of local officials.Some even called for the overthrow of THE mighty CCP,and these calls come from XINHUA.CN and PEOPLE.COM,from the CCP’s headquarters!

The show of power by dissident netizens,by putting massive amounts of posts(in tens of thousands) onto major chinese bbs,went from 28-June to 2-July,then slowly calmed down.On Tianya.cn,some bloggers commented that this is:The Cyber War that will be remembered for long time.

Bellow are some of the comments left on bbs.people.com.cn

2. 瓮安大火比火炬更激动人心 ( wanmin 2008-06-29 18:17:16 )

The big fire at Wen An makes people’s heart more excited than olympic torch

福娃里面有个代表火的,有人说火炬被抢已近应了,我看这次鬼州瓮安警民联谊开篝火晚会才算是应了。 ( 读资本论治平天下 2008-06-29 18:02:38 )
One of the Olympic dolls represents fire,someone said the attack of the torch meant something,to me,this jamboree bonfire by the friendly police and all their friends really means something.

我最欣赏的是瓮安消防队的同志们,车开不进去,就不勉强.哈哈. ( 曾是知青④ 2008-06-29 17:49:38 )

I particularly admire those comrades from WenAn fire department,couldn’t get the fire engine any closer,relax,not here to force anything.HAHA.

椐谣传:事发后,瓮安竟然看不见穿制服的工按.”都转入地下工作了? ( 重庆越南 2008-06-29 17:40:57 )

瓮安那么多人,却见火不救,袖手旁观。 ( 绑架真理 2008-06-29 17:36:55 )

According to rumors:During the riot,those people in uniform are nowhere to be seen,are they all gone underground?
So many people at WenAn,not only refuse to put out the fire,just stood there and watch,with hands in pocket.

国内发生的事要到国外网站去看!悲哀啊! ( 贵州乡民 2008-06-29 17:33:12 )

神圣圣火在贵州瓮安热烈燃烧!! ( 北秀村的沙漠 2008-06-29 17:31:58 )

Have to go to web sites outside China to learn what is happening inside China!How sad!
Sacred fire is is burning like hell in Quizhou!

刚才听说:贵州瓮安十万民众自制圣火迎奥运,公安大楼意外着火。 ( 广州家伙 2008-06-29 17:08:34 )

Breaking news:Quizhou WenAn 100,000 people make own fire to welcome Olympic,police big building catch fire by accident.

如果瓮安的当事人(县太爷)迅速被自杀,效果也许会更好。 ( 随缘而至 2008-06-29 17:02:20 )

Supposing the person involved(county big boss) was swiftly being suicided,the end result shall be better.

从瓮安事件看出,一个人民没有选票、权力缺乏有效、意见和诉求没有管道的国家其社会混乱只是迟早的事情! ( 争自由 2008-06-29 13:49:04 )

The WenAn incident clearly shows that,a country that do not give ballot paper to its people, with no effective restriction of its power,opinions and requests have nowhere to appeal,this kind of country,its plunging into social chaos is only a matter of time.

Jul 21

(Letter) Taiwan’s Diao Yu Tai island

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文章提交者:最期之诗2008 加帖在 猫眼看人 【凯迪网络】 http://www.kdnet.net



Taiwan,a star shines in the sky of Chung Hua
Though dimmy, yet flames dancing refuse to die
Though lonely, yet facing the terror of darkness refuse to bow
Though solitude,yet has not forgotten honor and glory
Though tinny,yet sparkling and glittering among endless darkness,always advancing

Pray that we all become shining star
Though dimmy and lonely,yet proud and brave,never ever give in
Pray that we all standby the golden oath:
Before dawn has come upon the dark sky
There shines our glittering shadow


Thanks to our Taiwan brothers,who donate generously during Wen Chuen earthquake.Mainland people can feel your deep love and compassion,prove again blood is thicker than water,because we all are brothers and sisters.


Thanks to our Taiwan brothers,defending soverign at Diaoyutai.Mainland people can feel your patriotic heart.Though courage first come from you,we will all unite as one,and victory will come,we are all heros,smash all the intruders.


Thanks to our Taiwan brothers,praticing freedom and democrcy.The voice of “People always No.One”,is the prove that CHINESE PEOPLE is PEOPLE of high dignity.who are worthy of freedom and democracy,who are not born into slavery,neither low class nor sub-human.

When there are stars
There are dreams.
When we have dreams
We have direction
When we have direction
We shall advance towards brightness
Disgarding darkness behind

Note:Above is a blog I copy from http://www.kdnet.net,a famous mainland chinese web site where I enjoy reading those postings,some of them are of superb quality.I have copy many classical writing,and will try to translate into English.

Jul 21

(Letter) Confucius-Meng Zi Teaching

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舍生而取 義is a very famous phrase written by Meng Zi about 2000 years ago,is the crown jewel of Confucius-Meng Zi teaching.義 has no equivalent English word,similar word is 仁. In the west,society is bound by the Ten Commandments,the fear of being burned eternally in hell,or enjoy eternally in heaven,is enough to made its citizens behave.On the other hand,Confucius-Meng Zi do not promise heaven to come,nor threathen its citizens with hell fire.Instead,citizens,and their rulers,all need to understand 仁義, and practise it,then heaven can be achieved on earth.

仁義 is the ultmost important factor,the foundation of Chinese,or Asian,society.If you check on dictionary,the translation is benevolence and righteousness,but the real meaning is much more than that.From a westerner’s point of view,the best,and also the easiest way to both understand and appreciate its value is through watching Chinese Kung Fu movies.Bruce Lee’s movies is a very good example.Bruce Lee,through his movies,the best of Chinese qualities,to be good,to be strong,to dare to punish evil and darkness using force,use action,not word,all these qualities been shown to the world,and loved by the world.Next come Jet Lee,his many movies tell the story of a real life Kung Fu legend Wong Fei Hung,who was both a kung fu master and a traditional medicine man.Wong Fei Hung was,and still is, deeply loved by Asians all over the world,because he hated evil and darkness,and always try to stop evil using kung fu.

舍生而取義 means to be rightous,to fight evil and darkness,one is prepared to give up one’s life.During the Japen-invade-China war,many Chinese soldiers,and ordinary citizens,fought the invaders to the end of life.Millions and millions of Chinese lost their life,defending the motherland.These national heros will be remembered by generations of Chinese to come.

舍生而取義 does not advocate retreat,nor protray weakness,nor meek.It calls for revolt,to fight,to smash unjustic and evil.I belive 仁義 will soon prevail, and shines among Chinese,the land of Confucius-Meng Zi.

Jul 21

On one of our earlier threads on the misnamed Dalai Lama, there is an excellent on-going exchange of thoughts and positions from two of our posters: one is a Tibetan in exile, the other is Chinese in China.

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Jul 21

It has been three days since the sensational title “Authorities order bars not to serve black people” written by Tom Miller showed up in the supposedly reputable South China Morning Post. I used the phrase “supposedly reputable” because I don’t read SCMP and really can’t directly comment on it. However I vaguely remember someone, in one of the many blogs/forums discussing this allegation, commented to the effect of: “It comes from the SCMP, which has a solid reputation. So I am inclined to believe this is true.” Sorry, I seriously intended to quote that comment here, but I somehow just can’t find it. It must be buried in lots of other comments either questioning SCMP’s journalism standard in this case or blaming China for all the wrongs of the universe. Nevertheless, I logically infer that SCMP must have had a solid reputation with at least some readers up until three days ago.

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Jul 21

Two months ago, major Western newspapers ran stories on laywers Jiang Tianyong and Teng Biao. These two have been working in the “rights defense” (维权) movement in China. Both have received extensive overseas praise and attention for their work defending dissidents and FLG practictioners. Both also offered to defend Tibetans implicated in the March riots.

It all culminated in these articles at the beginning of June.  I won’t bother quoting from the articles; the titles are pretty self-explanatory:

New York Times: Beijing Suspends Licenses of 2 Lawyers Who Offered to Defend Tibetans in Court
Washington Post: China Shuts Out 2 Lawyers Over Tibetans’ Cases
Toronto Star: Lawyers pay high price for coming to aid of Tibetans
Reuters: China rights lawyers say licenses blocked after Tibet call

The articles largely agree in content, and are basically copied directly from press releases from activist dissident groups: the two lawyers were denied their licenses for political reasons, authoritarian China, no sign of reform, etc, etc…

Well, we’ve learned more about their situations since.  However, the Western media doesn’t seem very interested in telling the rest of the story.  We’ll just have to discuss it here.

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