Mar 27

In response to Steve’ question on what is the difference between Chinese version of capitalism and American version of capitalism, I think there are many.  The most important, I think, is the respective role of government, market in running / in governing the economy.  Another important aspect, I think, is the goal of economic prosperity.  China takes a more “holistic,” perhaps results-oriented  view to economic prosperity whereas America tend to take (historically at least) a more “individualistic,” equal-opportunity point of view. Continue reading »

Mar 27

Friday Musings on China’s Bad Press in the West

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I have been thinking about two questions about China’s image in the Western Media (AKA “international public opinion”).

Question 1: Why is China portrayed as either collapsing (“this time it’s over for China”, “chaos”) or menacing (the “China threat”) so prevalently (despite notable exceptions)? Why these particular traits?

Question 2: How should the Chinese (在朝和在野的中国人) react to their national image in the “international public opinion”? Particularly, what should we do about our “bad press”? Continue reading »

Mar 27

I think Chinese leaders are among the tamest leaders in the world.

Despite being called “butchers of Beijing” (or much worse),  constantly being maligned by a maniacal Western press, and even having one of its own be the target of a shoe throwing protester, leaders from the CCP continue to consistently keep up their cordial and composed demeanor. Continue reading »