Mar 31

Yellow Flower Hill Uprising could be the most significant event in our time. The following is written by Bai Ding, my high school classmate. I have his permission to publish it here. Bai is the descendant of one of the patriots. I bet this history event is written differently in China, Taiwan and even Hong Kong, so feel free to express your point of view. The two poems in Chinese are written by Bai.
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Mar 31

ATTN: Bloggers and Travelers Alike

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The World of Chinese magazine is seeking potential contributors to its Travel Section, On the Road. Entries must be intelligent and humorous.

We are a three year publication funded by the Chinese Commercial Press and based out of Beijing. We seek to offer readers insight into China by exploring its vast landscapes, deep-rooted culture, and current unprecedented growth. Our team of native Chinese speakers and seasoned journalist offer an outlook from both native and foreign perspectives. We also place a particular emphasis on studying the Chinese language; throughout our pages you will find mini language lessons ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

In order to be published in our magazine please provide us with detailed accounts of your trips through China.

Contact Robert Livingston at recondite28@gmail.com for more details and some samples from previous issues.

Thank you for your time. And all the best.

The World of Chinese