Mar 20

I have not done any research in writing this post, but I hope that does not detract us from having a vigorous and good discussion here.

In our recent Chinese Nationalism thread, Shane9219 started a discussion on a just released movie relating to the Nankin Massacre.

This got people discussing what the lessons of Nazi and Japanese Aggressions in WWII were. Continue reading »

Mar 20

Death penalty in China

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Today, I found out from talk radio that our dear Governor of New Mexico had signed a bill to repeal death penalty. It upsets me greatly.
But it got me thinking, what is the death penalty like in China?
A caller yesterday called into the same talk radio station, mentioned something about Chinese court in Shanghai would try you on Friday and if found guilty execute you on Saturday. I don’t think this was an accurate depiction.
What is the correct process? And under what crimes the death penalty should be applied?

P.S I am all for Death penalty against murderers, psycho paths, pedophiles and cop killers