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Death penalty in China

Written by guest on Friday, March 20th, 2009 at 1:07 pm
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Today, I found out from talk radio that our dear Governor of New Mexico had signed a bill to repeal death penalty. It upsets me greatly.
But it got me thinking, what is the death penalty like in China?
A caller yesterday called into the same talk radio station, mentioned something about Chinese court in Shanghai would try you on Friday and if found guilty execute you on Saturday. I don’t think this was an accurate depiction.
What is the correct process? And under what crimes the death penalty should be applied?

P.S I am all for Death penalty against murderers, psycho paths, pedophiles and cop killers

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7 Responses to “Death penalty in China”

  1. shan2406 Says:

    欠债还钱 杀人偿命
    A murderer must repay with his life just like a borrower with money.

  2. FOARP Says:

    Ermm . . Well, according to all the information that is available, the almost-immediate carrying out of death-sentences was quite common up until a few years ago and does still happen. There are currently 60+ offences which carry the death penalty, some of a purely economic nature. For example, when I taught in a university in Nanjing, one of the university vice-presidents in charge of purchasing building material for the new campus was sentenced to death for purchasing sub-standard material and pocketing the difference.

    There has been an encouraging move to restrict use of the death penalty to criminal charges, and to give greater allowance for appeals, but China still carries out something like 95% of the world’s executions – roughly 10,000 people are executed per year in China. Many support this by saying that “China has too many people” – a grotesque argument.

    Morally, I have no problem with vicious and wanton murderers being killed – but since you can never be certain that a murderer who pleads innocence is not speaking the truth, and since there are regular cases of convictions being overturned many years after trial, I am firmly against the death penalty on practical grounds.

    Here’s what a British anti-death penalty campaigners I met a few weeks ago had to say on the issue:


  3. zepplin Says:

    I don’t know about the legal process, but look up “Chinese death vans” on the internet if you are interested in the execution.

  4. Wahaha Says:

    I think death penalty is a necessary, both in US and in China, but the law system in China is laughing stock.


    What is the purpose of penalty and law ?

  5. Nimrod Says:

    I am almost certain there are several death sentences, “immediate death sentence” and “delayed death sentence” are two.

  6. yesman Says:

    China is expert at death penalty, more death penalty in China than rest of world combined! China #1! Jia you!

  7. Charles Liu Says:

    Instead of looking at this thru tinted anti/pro death penalty lenses, how about stick to the facts:


    It appears the standard for death penalty is with a two-year deferal period, so to allow appeals and clemency requests. At the end of the two-year period an additional year of deferal is possible, or the initial sentence can be commuted to life (with or without parole) depending on circumstances and subject’s reformation (reform is something China’s criminal justice system values.)

    Here’s an article from ChinaLaw:


    As to immediate execution, it is only applicable to extereme circumstances (rape muder, terrorism for examples) and review/approval by the People’s High Court is required:


    As much as I would love to see, Bernie Madoff would not have received immediate execution in China.

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