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(Letter)End-Of-the-World-Meltdown of U.S finiance and how does it relate to China?

Written by guest on Sunday, September 21st, 2008 at 8:33 am
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So let’s have a discussion on this please. How does this affect U.S – China relations. What is the ramifications for the Chinese economy, the world economy?要案

And what do you think about these two articles?




I’m completely retarded when it comes to anything financial or economical (I took macro-economics, but I don’t remember a thing) related. Well, I actual believe the stuff discussed in this “conspiracy” documentary called “money masters.” (see below). So feel free to slap me and tell me that I’m crazy. What this means is that I believe the current “monetary system” is a scam. This scam is what the “elites” use to screw us (i.e. controlling the bust boom cycle). It’s a stupid game that we need to wake up fast to and get rid of right now. I also don’t believe in “globalization” as defined by the globalists elites, it’s merely a scam to screw the people on the bottom. Majority of the profits goes to these globalists elites.


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  1. Karma Says:

    @RMBWhat – you threw around a lot of heavy-weight topics in this post. Clearly the financial crisis is still playing itself out, and it may be too early to say what impact it has on the global economy and/or China in particular. Maybe we will all have a better grasp of things toward end of the week?

    You also threw out the topic of whether capitalism is a sham, where periodic busts/booms and government bailouts are nothing but systemic scam to redistribute wealth from the poor to rich. Sometimes I think so, too. Do you think this is built into the capitalistic system or is someone manipulating it behind the scenes?

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