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(Letter) Ideas about Democracy

Written by guest on Thursday, September 4th, 2008 at 10:02 am
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Hi all,

I am writing from Germany with a question!
I would like to know more about how chinese people see democracy and what they think about it.
I am particularly interested in the difference that might excist between official statements about democracy ( opinion, possible implementation)and private views in the blogger community. I am happy with personal answers, weblinks, whatever gives me a glimpse on how democracy is percieved.

To give you a little information about myself:
I am a student of psychology who ist very much interested in poiltical psychology.
Personally I think democracy is a great thought as it endorses egalitarianism between all people and I firmly believe, that all people are equal. But the way western civilization has adapted democracy to the needs of a neoliberal economy is as egalitarian as monarchies in my view. I see a great chance to learn from nations like china or socialist countries in south america, to learn from each others experience, ideas, and mistakes through discussion about the past and future of democracy, economy and our societies.
thank you for your interest,

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6 Responses to “(Letter) Ideas about Democracy”

  1. Netizen K Says:

    Democracy is a good thing. The Chinese like and love it. But they hate mob democracy, like the one happening in Thailand, because they are afraid of chaos. In chaos, people get hurt and they don’t want to get hurt. That’s why they like it slow.

    Who said it, democracy is the best of bad systems, Churchill? Why did he say that? Obviously he know the shortcomings of a democratic system. We should explore what he thought of the flaws and we can avoid them.

  2. Chops Says:

    Objective piece on values and self-censorship,
    about Zhang Danhong, deputy director of the Chinese-language service of Deutsche Welle (Voice of Germany) Radio, was suspended from duty for her so-called “pro-China” views, but it’s in German.

    There’s a Chinese perspective about this case,

  3. Wukailong Says:

    It strikes me that both the US and China are right now ruled by visions of fear – in the US it’s fear of terrorism and external influences, in China it is fear of chaos and external influences. In the short run such fears can be utilized by authoritarian leaders, but in the long run I can’t see good policies come out of it.

  4. Wukailong Says:

    The case of Zhang Danhong is shocking and should be discussed much more. I wonder, though, if someone who says something like “[t]he Cold War mentality, ideological biases, political prejudice, and sense of racial superiority these things are deeply rooted in some parts of the Western world” is truly interested in discussing or just wants to confirm the view (s)he already holds.

  5. BMY Says:

    Hi Marco,

    I think the opinions of democracy among Chinese people are very diverse.

    If you click on the word “democracy” on the “Tags” area on the right hand side of this page, you will see lots of discussions in the past about democracy on this blog

  6. Marco Says:

    Hi all,
    thank you very much for your replies. I haven’t had much time lately, but I will look through the links and look up your suggestions!
    @Wukailong, I think you make a very interesting point about fear in our societies. Sometimes I feel, that media and policy makers (and not just advertisement!) are in fact creating/fostering and are taking advantatge of this fear in order to pursue their interests. But it is not only fear caused by direct threat or incontrollable external influences into the own society. I know I am hitting on a sore spot here, but I am involved in research that is pointing to the fact that anglosaxian capitalism and the underlying business ethics are creating fear inside each society due to the inherent growing instability for its societies’ members, which in turn, makes them more susceptible to fall for authoritarian leaders. so in fact, I can’t see a lot of good policy coming from anywhere at the moment!

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