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Comments on Democracy and China

Written by Buxi on Sunday, July 6th, 2008 at 6:47 am
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There has been a lot of excellent debate about democracy and China in recent days.  I want to use thread to bookmark and archive some of the best arguments both for and against.  Any comments capture your attention?

Let’s not use this thread for further debate, just for nominations.  if you disagree with one of the comments, reply directly on the thread the comment came from.  Let’s just use this to bookmark the most interesting arguments.

  • CRT:  – “One man, one vote” isn’t important, but feedback loop is.
  • perspectivehere: – How does “one man, one vote” solve key practical problems?  Democracy is fragile.
  • Buxi: – Political reform is as risky as surgery, and requires more planning than car design.
  • JD: – Democracy is a secure foundation for a more stable society.

And yes, feel free to nominate your own comments (I already did!). 😆

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