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The Chinese Female Army: a liability or an asset.

Written by guest on Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 at 4:24 pm
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They conquer the world – who wants to fight this powerful army (see pictures). They have the right stuffs (and dual missiles too).

This is also the reason China has been invaded so many times.


You be the judge and let me know whether yours is a male’s point of view or a female’s.

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19 Responses to “The Chinese Female Army: a liability or an asset.”

  1. Allen Says:

    Man … how did you get these pictures?

    In that next election in Taiwan, I need to go back and vote for a candidate that will seriously look into creating a Chinese Female Army unit on Taiwan. We can’t let the Mainland get away with all this doing nothing!!! 😯

  2. Wukailong Says:

    The second picture gives much room for imagination, though also suggesting quite a bit. The fourth picture could be the beginning of a bad movie of a certain sort. Sorry, I’m just so pubertal at times… 😉

  3. barny chan Says:

    Is this an attempt to reach out to the Beavis and Butthead demographic?

    There’s a certain irony that this has been posted concurrently with another thread where people are bemoaning the alleged stereotyping of young Asian males in the West as immature losers who struggle to connect with women…

  4. TonyP4 Says:

    Only 3 comments on the most beautiful army on earth! You guys must be the typical folks who enjoy the photos in Playboy magazines, pretend to read the articles, and never make unbiased comments.

    Allen, I’ve to kill you to reveal my secret. CIA hired me to check out the secret weapon of China. To me, Taiwan has more beauties per million than any where on earth.

    Wukailong, you do not have to imagine. Actually I’ve another picture showing their naked bodies in the training session named “the last weapon if everything fails”. Personally I like the second last, as she shows she is quite intelligent and cultural.

    Barney, just enjoy the better work of God in a hot summer day.

  5. Hongkonger Says:

    LOL, Tony,

    What a wonderful world it’d be….if Disneyworld and Never-Never land were God’s creation and the realworld as we know it are Dreamwork fabrications. No wonder it is said that unless you are like children you cannot enter into the kingdom of love, peace and hopes realized.

    “HALT~! Who goes there?” A Chinese sentry-ess yells.

    (White flag waving and roses thrown in the air….and musculine voices fill the air):

    Amor amor amor
    This word so sweet that I repeat
    Means I have adored you
    Amor amor my love
    Will you deny this heart that I have placed before you

    I can’t find another word with meaning so clear
    My lips try to whisper sweeter things in your ear
    Somehow or other nothing sounds quite so dear
    As this soft caressing word I know

    Amor amor my love
    When you’re away there is no day and nights are lonely
    Amor amor my love
    Make my life divine say you’ll be mine and love me only

    I can’t find another word with meaning so clear
    My lips try to whisper sweeter things in your ear
    Somehow or other nothing sounds quite so dear
    As this soft caressing word I know

    Amor amor my love
    When you’re away there is no day and nights are lonely
    Amor amor my love
    Make my life divine say you’ll be mine and love me only
    Make my life divine say you’ll be mine and love me only
    Make my life divine say you’ll be mine and love me only
    (Dean Martin)

    “If women ruled the earth, it would ‘ve been a much peaceful world.” Andy Rooney.

  6. Hongkonger Says:


    “the most beautiful army on earth! ” – I’m not sure about the most beautiful, perhaps more like “an army with the largest number of pretty female members(?)” cause I remember seeing pictures of some very attractive Israeli lady soldiers too.
    I am sorry, Tony, that you’ve been recently “booed” for your jokes, but I trust you are no less resilient than Madonna in Bucharest….Oh, speaking if shallowness, I came across this on Yahoo International re: “Male/female shallowness” and here are excerpts of some public responses from both sexes:

    (1)The media controls the masses. Year after year a number of female public figures vilify men openly. It may not be the exact words that all men are low life bastards, but they hammer the point across. Who is the counter voice to these women? No one is, as no male public figure would dare criticize women. The PC wrath would be his quick undoing. So society labels everyone and men wear the label of evil predator, while women wear the label of the kind and often hapless victims.

    (2) We as a society need to be more honest with ourselves about human mating behavior. Only then will the people on the lower rungs of the ladder even begin to know how to improve themselves and raise their rank. The blatantly dishonest myth about the ugly man with the shining personality winning the heart of the beautiful woman needs to be done away with because it is a bold faced lie.

    (3) If a man rejects the advances of a woman he doesn’t “fancy”, more often than not, he’s labeled “shallow”.
    If a woman rejects the advances of a man she doesn’t “fancy”, more often than not, she’s just “exercising her choice” or he’s being a “creep”.

    (4) I think it’s quite acceptable for both men and women to choose their partners on the basis of their attractiveness .. no point getting with someone if you don’t find them attractive. I don’t know of any women that really care about the type of car a man drives .. is this something you guys make up or do non-feminist women really think that way??

    “I have had women ask me what I made for a living” .. I would consider this extremely rude and find it hard to imagine that the average woman does this, at least unless a relationship was turning serious. I guess if she wanted kids and to be a SAHM it’s reasonable to ask whether or not someone can provide for her and a family.

  7. Steve Says:

    @ Hongkonger #6: Funny you should mention the Israeli military. My youngest son just got back from two months circling the Mediterranean and he said the female Israeli border guards were the most beautiful he had ever seen, as if they selected them for their beauty. This son rarely makes such remarks so they must have really impressed him!

  8. hongkonger Says:

    Steve: I believe your son…..I hear North Korea also has very attractive female traffic police officers – what do you call them again – traffic conductors?

  9. Steve Says:

    @ Hongkonger: I believe they have more beautiful traffic control officers than they have cars! 😛

  10. Chops Says:


    Now i get it! Ok, I’m slow. 🙁

  11. Charles Liu Says:

    Does US have women in the armed forces? I think that answers your question.

  12. TonyP4 Says:

    To settle all your argument, should we have a beauty contest for all the female soldiers in the world? Will the world be a better place when we use beauties to showcase the country rather than use them to kill?

    This topic is only for matured audience. If you’re 11 years or younger, please get off from your parents’ PC.

  13. TonyP4 Says:

    @HKer, #6.

    LOL. Only the immature ‘boo’ my jokes which are either too sophisticated for them or they’re not mature enough to enjoy them. Different strokes for different folks. Being slapped on both cheeks, the crown is still laughing to please the world. I do not write most of my jokes, but share them with those who enjoy them. If we worry too much about everything we say/write, we do not enjoy life but worry ourselves to death.

    The anatomy of a joke.

    You (assuming you’re older than 11) only laugh at something that is unusual like:

    – ridiculously exaggerated

    – body (female and male) parts we do not discuss/show normally – unless you have something better than the average. 🙂

    – words with double meaning

    So, about 30% of the jokes are about sex. If you do not believe me, turn on the cable TV tonight, count and classify the jokes. Let me know your result tomorrow.

  14. Hans Says:

    East asian women (for me at least) are really very pretty, beautiful, smart and graceful. It is no wonder that alot ppl likes oriental women 🙂 I wonder if this chinese female army unit needs a PT 🙂

  15. hzzz Says:

    I have to admit, the best looking part of the CCP 60 year parade was the female military units in mini-skirts..

  16. TonyP4 Says:

    Certainly it is more entertaining to look at the army in mini-skirts (male or female). They’re all full of life. I do not know whether the ladies can go to front line though except pressing buttons to launch missiles.

    The girls (under 20) from the west are prettier with fuller bodies and nice facial features. However, they seem to be fatter after giving birth and most Oriental ladies do not have the problem. It must be the genes. Oriental ladies have better skin for sure. I expect the ladies in Yunnan have darker and harsher skin due to the high altitude, but not so.

    In US, the white (the majority) set up a standard on beauty. Their yardstick is not the same as mine.

  17. elnino Says:

    Beautiful Israeli women, what a joke, most of them look like males, spare me, no comparison to the Chinese women who look like women.

  18. TonyP4 Says:

    As Uncle Deng said, all cats are the same when the light is turned off. 🙂

  19. maymelynn Says:

    not good for female to become army.

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