Jun 24

The Green Dam controversy continues. Most recently, U.S. trade officials also seem to be getting into the act. The following is an excerpt from a recent WSJ report: Continue reading »

Jun 24

Chinese government has been fighting hard on drug trafficking, sale and consumption. However, the dire situation only get harder to crack due to an increasing affluence among urban population as well as the influence of modern popular life-style. Due to the past history of Opium wars, China’s anti-drugs law is harsh with no mercy.

The increasing connection with African continent also started a new trend of drug trafficking problem from a distant continent by drug barons and individuals. Recently, there are several reports of death sentence to African nationals as well as their associates in China (see below).

US Government is also fighting hard on illegal drug problem. There are many things these two nation can learn from each other. Given the difference on local culture and law, please share your perspective on the outcome and difference between two governments’ action.

“Five Kenyans to hang over drugs in China”

“China to execute more African drug dealers”

“Kenya has no basis to request China to commute sentences”

“Nigerian drug dealer sentenced to death in Dongguan with his Chinese girlfriend and associate”

Jun 24

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