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在此,笔者倡议成立一个非政府、非政党、非营利的“民间西藏行动”(英文Grassroots Tibet Initiative,简称GTI),汇集民间智慧与力量,以实际行动推动西藏问题的逐步解决。达赖喇嘛本人强调与中国人民对话的必要性和重要性,并说解决西藏问题的希望在于中国人民。在下愿和各地同仁一道探索西藏问题的解决之道。

为切实推动西藏问题的解决,笔者呼吁关注西藏问题的各界中立人士,在条件许可的情况下 深入藏区,接触藏区各界人士,倾听藏民之心声,记录藏区之现状,以“第三只眼”看西藏。只有全面深入了解西藏,才有可能提出切实可行的对策和建议。在此,笔者真诚希望能够得到各界人士的鼎力支持。

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Apr 01

Since this is the last day of what seems like Tibet month – I figure I’ll squeeze in one more post on Tibet before the end of the month.

Below is a translation by Allen of an article recently published by Han Fang Ming in Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao. Han is a member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). CPPCC plays an advisory role to the Chinese government.  Han is a businessman and an investment banker. Currently living in HK, Han specializes in issues involving Tibet, Hong Kong and Macao and overseas Chinese. Continue reading »

Apr 01

minipost-Perception vs. Reality?

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I was reading an opinion column in the Washington Post that contained information I thought might be of interest to the group. It concerned a BBC World View poll showing how countries view each other, either positively or negatively and the percentages of each. It was interesting to see not only how countries viewed each other, but also how the view a country has of itself can be very different than the actual reality. Per the Post column, “A whopping 92 percent of Chinese surveyed believe that China has a mainly positive influence on the world; whereas a mere 39 percent of people polled in 20 other major countries agree. This was the largest perception gap among the countries’ polled.”

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