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(Letter) 50 Cent Commentators Fueling More Protest?

Written by guest on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008 at 6:06 pm
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Commentators paid by the Chinese government to influence public opinion on-line may have fueled the latest protest against Fox, says an insider at one Blog site. Rumors of Fox News anti-black message traveled quickly across the Internet, and has even garnered attention from celeberities.

According the this source, after the alleged success of inciting a major incident over CNN’s Jack Cafferty, there may have been a number of cases where the Fifty Cent Party also lit the fire on Fox News protest.

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7 Responses to “(Letter) 50 Cent Commentators Fueling More Protest?”

  1. my_mother Says:

    Hey Charles,

    Do you know where I could go to get paid? I can’t find any of that on the training manual. 50 cent per comment is a lot of money.

    I have been doing a lot of commenting over at GVO — mostly hassling John Kennedy. Although normally I would consider John Kennedy a pro bono case, get paid on top of that would be doubly sweet.

  2. Charles Liu Says:

    MM, thanks. I’m gald I’m not the only one who noticed this Canadian fry cook. BTW, you might be interested in my FLG organ harvesting blog.

  3. my_mother Says:

    Hey Charles,

    I am quite familiar with your FLG blog and you run-ins with them Canadian folks. You probably aware of the fact that Samuel Luo has a website out there devoted to FLG. But just in case that you haven’t, here it is.


    I think your buddy Jana might accuse him of being a communist spy too.

    Anyhow, talking about disinformation, the fifty cent guys (if they exist) can learn a thing of two from your FLG buddies (There are a bunch of them there over at GVO). May be you should write a piece about their tactics and what not.

  4. Charles Liu Says:

    MM, that’s funny, I wrote one last night, after noticing FLGer pumping an angry rebuttal OpEd.

    Had they not said anything, I would’ve never even seen the NZ Star Times article 😎

  5. Netizen Says:

    Charlie Liu,

    Will FLGoners blow up in the US face one day, like the Talibans, supported by shadowy forces, officially or unofficials, in the US? We all know now the Talibans are a big blowback to the CIA and US military. FLGoners may be another in another few years.

  6. wuming - wumaodang Says:

    I suggest we all attach 50 cent party to our handles, which will provide a cover for those of us who are actually members of the 50 cent party.

  7. Charles Liu - wubaidang Says:

    @WW, Like “I Am Spartacus”? That’s a good one, quite fitting actually.

    But I need 500 yuan to make it worth my while (you hear that, Chinese government?)

    @Netizen, FLG is already on the way out. From chatters I’ve heard they’re planning something for the Olympics, but the membership if dropping off so they’re going nowhere. Only Chinese seeking asylum and mentally disturbed Westerners are joining FLG in US.

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