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Fool’s Mountain just became a multilingual blog

Written by admin on Wednesday, July 9th, 2008 at 7:56 am
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Well, sort of, and I know the danger of “Translator Server Error,” but machine translation is a convenient tool to remove language barriers. Currently, we provide machine translation in 12 languages. And of course, we yearn for the day to truly blog in multiple languages and we invite people who are fluent in multiple tongues to join our team.

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6 Responses to “Fool’s Mountain just became a multilingual blog”

  1. Opersai Says:

    Is Mandarin translator needed? I’d love to help with that. Starting with this entry!

  2. admin Says:


    Thanks a lot. We have to start from somewhere. Why not Mandarin? You may either email your translation or, if you are familiar with WP system, publish it by yourself.

  3. opersai Says:

    愚公移山(Fool’s Mountain) 终于成了多语博客了!

    恩,差不多吧。我知道有 “翻译服务器错误” (Translator Server Error) 的危险,但是机器翻译实在是个方便的解决语言障碍的工具。现在我们支持12种机器翻译的语言。当然了,我们期望有一天这里将成为真正的多语博客。我们真诚的邀请各位熟悉多种语言的朋友们加入我们,帮我们实现这个梦想!

    I wander how will the Chinese translator translate Chinese? Hopefully it will leave it alone. =)

  4. admin Says:


    Thank you so much! I put your translations on a new 中文 page.

  5. mma Says:

    I find this blog very interesting, i will be here everyday till now. Greetings


  1. 愚公移山-为中华而博成了多语博客了! | Fool's Mountain: Blogging for China

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