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The iPhone girl update: no one was fired for a “beautiful mistake”

Written by DJ on Wednesday, August 27th, 2008 at 11:40 pm
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I didn’t know anything about the iPhone Girl until reading her rumored firing at ESWN. The good news is that it was just a rumor.

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18 Responses to “The iPhone girl update: no one was fired for a “beautiful mistake””

  1. Charles Liu Says:

    You can write a movie script based on this.

    Three people cross path because of a mistake. The girl he calls with his brand new iphone is not the girl in the picture, but the girl across the bench who punched in her phone number and took a photo of her beautiful co-worker. Insert your favorit “love triangle”, “beauty and perception” movie plots here.

    For comic relilef Da Shan can play the Brit who treks the glob, and leave a trail of cultural misunderstanding and hilarity, in search of his iphone girl.

  2. Nimrod Says:

    Marketing opportunity here for Apple to its “hip” target consumers, as it says in the linked article: load every iphone with the factory worker who tested it. Some will become collectibles…

  3. MoneyBall Says:

    uhhhh this phone is ugly.

  4. sun bin Says:

    one comments at the end of that report said,

    ‘But that might come as a disappointment to some.
    As one person wrote in an Internet post: “It would be great for every Chinese worker who makes your iPhones to take a snap of herself or her factory friends … a hello from a person you would never otherwise meet.
    “Globalisation in practise.”‘

    Indeed, Apple should offer such option. The buyer of the phone can be prompted to decide whether he wants to see the workers, if not, the iphone would delete such photo on initialization.

  5. BMY Says:


    I am normally not a Mac fan but the iphone is the best business phone I’ve ever used(managed).
    I don’t care about it’s looking or ipod function. It has much more user friendly interface than windows mobile on the pockecPC phones or Symbian on the Nokia ones have. It has bigger screen and is much easier to read and type emails. It works so well with corporate email system like Microsoft exchange. Though it has some problems caused by software bugs . You should get one as a business man.

    I am not advertising for Apple.

  6. Kris Says:

    My wife and I are convinced we know this girl. She is from Xuchang, Henan and told us two years ago she was moving to Guangzhou. I am sure this is the same girl. Trying to find the old photos we had of her to compare.

  7. FOARP Says:

    @Kris – I used to work at Foxconn, they have 300,000 workers there, and women are preferred for the factory line – you sure?

    Can’t see what the fuss is about, people on the factory line at Foxconn work damned hard and do a bang-up job for pay that is not exactly stellar.

  8. FOARP Says:

    @Sun Bin – That’s a great idea – I’ll email the PR people and suggest it.

  9. The equalaowizer Says:

    No, sorry.
    Dashan couldn’t play he can’t even pronounce ‘about’.

  10. Glyx Says:

    Well, she is really hot now, I had once commented on this little girl in my [URL=http://my.opera.com/zhouye.ah/blog/iphone-girl-and-the-gymnastic-girl-how-the-prejudice-works]blog[/URL]:

    She can earn a basic salary of 900 RMB, 8 hours a day. But while she is a OQC operator, she has to work overtime for another 2 hours to meet the huge demand of iphone, she will get another 700 in general. Here is the location of that factory:

  11. Netizen K Says:

    I don’t think FOXCONN would like everyone leave their pix on cellphones they make. That’d lead to fame-seeking and PR disaster. So, that cutie has to change job, for sure.

  12. Charles Liu Says:

    Glyx, demand for worker in coastal China and sharp wage increase have been going on for some time:


  13. FOARP Says:

    @Glyx – Dude, that’s the golf course. The factory is in Longhua, at 22 degrees 39′ 20″ N, 114 degree 02′ 40″ E. If you don’t believe me, check out the map in this article about the plant: http://online.wsj.com/public/article/SB118677584137994489.html

  14. fsc Says:

    Most people consume products without a regard for who, where and how it was built, maybe this will start something…

  15. Glyx Says:

    @Charles Liu:
    I know the salary rise, but this wage she got is based on one of her colleagues’ comments, I just heard of this in the Moonlight Blog: http://www.williamlong.info/archives/1470.html

    * ◇ 64.dfgcgcgf
    * 这是富士康的员工没有错,我还见过她。是五楼OQC的。今天我也在公司里看见邮件了。其实对于我们的客户APPLE是很不好的。所以我觉是我们的工作失误,是该检讨的。但是上面写这个报道得人我就不知道是不是脑袋有问题,没有实际见到就不要乱写。现在公司的员工的底薪是900,每天8小时。每天会加两个小时加班(因为iphone销售量很大)也就是一个月至少能拿到1600RMB左右。还有根本没有在龙华,而是在观澜。所以我觉得上面的不证实。
    * 2008-8-23 21:15:45

    * ◇ 65.iPhone
    * 64 楼说的正是,说明一点,有很多情况外部人员确实不清楚,所以只有猜想,在FOXCONN现在是没有童工的,只有满16岁以后才可以进厂,APPLE也有严格规定的,而且刚从学校出来的实习生都要进行一次末成年工培训,所以说FOXCONN不成在使用童工的情况。这张照片其实是产线上最后一个工站OQC的照片,此时是对IPHONE进行全功能检验时对面工位人员为其拍的照片,但是在做出厂设置时忘了删了,目前APPLE正调查此事,但愿我们的OQC MM不会被开掉。
    * 2008-8-23 21:55:53

    A little translation you may use to verify this.


    you can visit this site too, it’s guanlan plant, not longhua plant. So, I chose a place closest guanlan town, shenzhen. It’s wrong in WSJ, you must know longhua is a big factory, so people are all focus on this plant, but guanlan is another, mainly focus on iphone or other laptops. You may try to find anything definite to locate this little girl, I will try to find some information too.

  16. Glyx Says:

    And, man, this is another comment in that blog:
    * ◇ 73.Logan
    * 非常同意 64 楼。。因为俺在龙华富士康上班。。非常了解公司内部。。

    另外。不论是什么原因造成大家这么关注这个MM 。。但是不可否认,她脸上的笑容不是装出来的,她工作时的快乐不是装出来的。。
    * 2008-8-25 22:20:40

    I know the comments cannot be relied on, but since foxconn had admitted this “beautiful mistake”, and the girl had declared (whether it is her idea or the plant’s. it is not important, but a good solution) not to be disturbed , all the information we get is based on her coworkers, after all, everyone is a reporter.

    China only got 4 USD from every iphone, I don’t know how many can the little girl get from the 4 USD, this is what the picture makes sense for the Chinese.

    also, this is my words 5 days ago about the comments, http://my.opera.com/zhouye.ah/blog/iphone-girl-and-the-gymnastic-girl-how-the-prejudice-works
    Sometimes, we fight, but it’s not with pleasure, we shall learn to gain more from the prejudice, or the 4 US Dollars. Hope our little girl can smile forever, or, for our own iphone.

  17. BMY Says:

    Is DickSmith learning the QC(or PR) from Foxconn in a wrong way?


  18. Slappy Says:

    The GuanLan GPS is: 22.73514,114.00564
    I know this because I took the reading myself at the gatehouse.

    You will not see much on Google Earth – the image is from 2005. 4 years is a long time in China, and all those fields and houses are now apartments and factories. Believe me – I’m in the factory right now!

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