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(Letter) Let the Games Begin

Written by guest on Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 at 6:28 pm
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The XXIX Olympiad is just a game and Beijing but the host city. They come together to showcase the world’s best athletic talents and their years of hard work.

In the age of frivolousness, our beliefs become extremist in order to cut through daily cyncism. Wars, conflicts and protests thus become common events.

Divided by nations, politics, and ethnicities, sports is our one true religion. Faster, higher, stronger is a calling heard by the most skilled athletes.

Their heoric endeavors affirm our faith in our natural and untapped potentials. For the next two and half weeks, Michael Phelps, Liu Xiang, Guo Jingjing, and all the other athletes, are our heroes.

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3 Responses to “(Letter) Let the Games Begin”

  1. bianxiangbianqiao Says:

    I offer my sincere congratulations. Have great fun.

    I dont want to be a party spoiler. But I hope nobody will get hurt in any fashion or for any reason.

    Don’t drink too much. That is where most of the trouble starts.

    My folks in BJ are counting the days for the thing to be over.

  2. Henry Says:

    Withstanding George Orwell’s claim that “Serious sport is war minus the shooting,” the Olympics are one of the few sporting events mostly involving people from other countries that Americans will watch.

    I’m ambivalent about the effect of the Olympics. On the one hand, it promotes a universal spirit of good sportsmanship. On the other hand, it promotes nationalism and the legitimacy of the state as the primary representative of people.

    I will be most interested in the opening ceremony. It’s going to be a great show and a great introduction to Chinese culture for those who don’t know much about it yet. This is something that all Asians, and indeed all open-minded individuals, can enjoy as a harbinger of how Chinese culture will be shared with the world more and more. “Chinese” is a culture, not a race, and I really believe that in the near future we will all be at least a little Chinese.

  3. Chops Says:

    ‘In addition to Chinese culture, the convergence of different cultures will also be a highlight of the opening ceremony on Aug. 8. The best example is the theme song to be presented by famed Chinese singer Liu Huan and British diva Sarah Brightman for some 5 billion viewers worldwide.

    Brightman, who performed “Amigos Para Siempre” at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics in a duet with Spaniard Jose Carreras, gained world acclaim for her unique style blending classical vocals and pop-inspired instrumentation and arrangements.

    The duet between the Brit and Liu represents the determination of China to welcome the world with its open arms during the Games…’


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