Mar 08

A political prisoner in Sweden

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Remember Rebiya Kadeer, the ethnic Uighur woman in China who was alleged to have been in possession of some personal information on local Uighurs and sent those to her husband abroad? Remember how her husband, Sidik Rouzi, at the time was working in Washington, D.C., with the World Uighur Congress, a known separatist organization, and Radio Free Asia, the propaganda arm of the US government started by the CIA and chartered for the sole purpose of destabilizing foreign countries during the Cold War?

Poor Rebiya Kadeer, when she was convicted and sentenced in China for “leaking state secrets”, the indignant people accused China of prosecuting people for political crimes and “suppression”. Now, we learn of yet another poor old Uighur, this time a 62-year-old man named Babur Mehsut, who has been arrested and jailed for “unlawful acquisition and distribution of information relating to individuals for the benefit of a foreign power.”

In Sweden. The arrest was made by Säpo, that country’s secret service.

What was his crime? He passed some information about Uighurs abroad to some Chinese journalists. Right…
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