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Happy 100 Days Birthday and, again, a call for help!

Written by admin on Sunday, August 3rd, 2008 at 3:53 am
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I just realized that tomorrow would be the 100th day anniversary for our blog. In China, when a baby is 100 days old, it’s time for celebrations. So I think it’s appropriate for me to put this entry as a token of our celebration.

To continue the tradition of my previous updates (here and here), I am happy to file another “rosy” report that “our baby” is healthy and growing rapidly. You can see from our site statistics (awstats) below that, the numbers of our unique visitors have almost doubled from June to July (10,554 to 20,895). And we had 83,812 post views in the past month (wpstats).


Once more, it is befitting for me to thank those people who have made this success possible. They include, of course, our editors, writers, and guest authors, who are much, much more knowledgeable and smarter than me and have given this blog her soul.

We also want to express our appreciation to fellow bloggers who kindly mentioned us in their posts or offered links to our sites, especially our top 3 referrers, ESWN, Chinalawblog, and Danwei.

Last but not least, we are honored by so many intelligent readers commenting on this blog. As our Swedish reader Wukailong noted, the original 愚公 was helped by angels sent by Heaven. Today, our new mountain diggers are helped by an army of commentators. Our site is, to quote our loyal commentator FOARP, “a place for polite and respectful debate.” We have been able to avoid flame wars or mud fights so far and we want to keep it this way. Finally, our readers have not only generated lively discussions, but also provided support and inspiration for us to carry on.

One such comment came from Chinawatcher (to Buxi)

What Roland and you are doing in terms of “bringing China to the world” and helping others understand China is invaluable. I’d say it’s much more important than the day jobs that you both hold:-) I say this even though I don’t always agree with your views; but I’ve always enjoyed reading – and have gained immensely from – your perspective, and from those of others who comment here.

One of the strengths of our blog is to break the language barrier by translating the cream of the crop of Chinese articles into English. For example, two of our most popular entries, What does it mean to be Chinese? ( 3,364 views) and Chocolate City” – Africans seek their dreams in China (3,152 views) are translated pieces.

There is a vast amount of content on the Internet in Chinese but, to quote reader zuiweng, “separating the pearls from the pebbles can be very time-consuming.” And despite our (Buxi and DJ mostly) best efforts and the excellent work done by Roland, there is much more to be desired. So we want to expand our previous open submission policy for readers to submit interesting Chinese articles they find to our 中文(Chinese) section (we also welcome original post submission writing in Chinese). I hope interested readers will help translating them. You may just do one sentence/paragraph at a time and posting it as a comment. Or you may “adopt” a whole article if you feel up to it.

To get us started, I just put a Chinese blog post into the “to be translated” repository. (h/t to Snow). That entry is about a discussion on democratization and modernization, very similar to our own The Chinese debate – Part 2: Democracy and the economy.

So for those of you who are not in the party mode, there is work to do 😉 .

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29 Responses to “Happy 100 Days Birthday and, again, a call for help!”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Happy 100 Days Birthday.

  2. KL Says:

    Happy birthday!

  3. Dandan Says:

    100 days already? Happy birthday.

  4. chriswaugh_bj Says:

    Congratulations on the 100 days. You’ve been doing a great job, keep it up.

  5. Aorijia Says:

    Happy birthday! 🙂

  6. Hongkonger Says:

    FINALLY, an intelligent East meets West blog I am proud to recommend to anyone – HKonger

    Congratulations! Happy 100th bithday Fool’s Mountain blog!

    When we started this blog less than a month ago, our intention was to convey an image of China recognized by ordinary Chinese people. We felt it was not the often rosy picture painted by the Chinese government, nor was it the habitually one dimensional portrait depicted in the western media.

    We wanted to build a platform to represent Chinese perspective in English, to initiate in-depth discussions on China-related issues, and to form a community for those who care about China, regardless of nationality. In short, we wanted to build bridges between China and the West.

  7. Hongkonger Says:

    Congratulations! Happy 100th DAY bithday Fool’s Mountain blog!

    FINALLY, an intelligent East meets West troll-free blog I am proud to recommend to anyone – HKonger

  8. Netizen Says:

    Congrats. Great work!

  9. Davidpeng Says:

    Congratulations to your 100th day birthday!

    For your information, one blog aiming at removing the language barriers among bloggers in the world (esp. developing world) is Global Voices Online. And they have human translation teams of volunteers.

  10. admin Says:

    Oops, I forgot to mention Global Voices Online China and Mei-Zhong Guanxi (both are on all blogrolls). My apologies.

  11. BMY Says:

    should someone write a credit for CLC who is running the blog’s IT platform as a medicine worker . I never know how IT and medicine(plus political stuff) work together

  12. Smith Says:

    Happy birthday!
    If I often do not agree, I think it is very interesting to read different point of view like the one of this blog.

  13. Dan Says:

    Congrats. FOARP and Chinawatcher have nailed it.

  14. bianxiangbianqiao Says:

    Happy birthday. Great accomplishments in 100 days.

  15. opersai Says:

    Happy 100th Birthday! Congrats!

  16. S.K. Cheung Says:

    Happy 100 days. Keep up the good work.

  17. Charlie Says:

    Happy 100 days! Keep up the good work; you’ve accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. I especially liked the Olympic torch relay – the Chinese village version. Great stuff!

  18. snow Says:

    Happy 100 days and thank you for your great work!

  19. Elliott Ng Says:

    Excellent work with your blog to date. Look forward to helping each other bring better understanding between the English-language world and the Chinese-language world through bridge building!

  20. Wukailong Says:

    Sorry to be late with this, but… Congratulations! It sure feels like more than 100 days, with all the attention this blog has gathered.

  21. wuming - wumaodang Says:

    I have only start to read this blog for the last couple of weeks, appreciate the work you have put into this interesting community. Congratulations and hope for a healthy growth

  22. pug_ster Says:

    Happy 100th days birthday.

  23. MutantJedi Says:

    🙂 Happy 100th days birthday

  24. yo Says:

    Happy 100th. Go for another unique visitors double in 3 months 🙂

  25. rory Says:

    Happy Birthday, and thanks for all the great articles! I’d agree that this is one of the most interesting and informative ‘China’ sites out there, and as such it’s become part of my essential daily reading. I don’t agree with everything I read here, and I haven’t commented as often as I’d like, but this site never fails to get me thinking and is constantly challenging my own opinions on China and ‘the West’. One of the most thought-provoking sites out there. Congratulations!

  26. Robert Says:

    Congratulations. I’ve been regularly visiting this website for a few weeks now.

    Keep up the good work.

  27. Wukailong Says:

    Hey, you guys are mentioned on a blog belonging to one of the major Swedish newspapers. In translation:

    “The blog Fool’s Mountain has an interesting analysis of some concept in Chinese culture (http://blog.foolsmountain.com/2008/07/20/chinese-exceptionalism-yili-he-renqing/). You don’t need to agree with everything, but it is an interesting entry from a Chinese who was born and grew up on the Mainland, but with experience of the US and flawless English.”


  28. admin Says:

    Thanks a lot for the translation, Wukialong. Congrats to bxbq for this well-deserved recognition!

  29. John Says:

    the free translations of “Happy Birthday” in loads of languages are here if you want it…


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