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Signs from the front lines

Written by Buxi on Friday, May 30th, 2008 at 6:06 am
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A volunteer has posted a gorgeous collection of images of the aftermath of the Sichuan earthquake on Tianya. There are equally beautiful stories attached to these images, but I can’t possibly translate them all.

Tens of thousands of average citizens have driven into the disaster zone, bringing food, water, and moral support. There has been so much traffic that tourist style road-maps have been setup. Along the way, they’ve seen suffering, but also great courage. And here are some of the signs the volunteers saw as they drove:

Unlimited Thanks!

We need water, we need food!

We need water! We need food!

“Deepest respects to our earthquake rescue heroes!”

“You’ve worked hard! Have a safe trip, and come back safely.”

“Earthquake rescue heroes!”

“Earthquake rescue comrades: you’ve worked hard, please stop for some water!” – Public Security

“Earthquake Rescue – West Route Road Map”

“200 meters to earthquake-rescue service center”

“Earthquake rescuers: (Free) Tea Provided”

Thank you!”

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2 Responses to “Signs from the front lines”

  1. Opersai Says:

    They are so touching to see. Meanwhile, I’d like to recommend this Google group that’s dedicated to translate Sichuan earthquake stories:

    Life and Death, Love and Pain: Snapshots of Sichuan Earthquake


  2. Nimrod Says:

    There is a more widely circulated photograph of children along a road holding various signs but I can’t seem to find it any more. I think that and many pictures from the past month will become classics. I’ve actually been collecting a number of them and maybe I will post some here.

    The year 2008 will definitely leave its photographic legacy in the annals of China.

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