Jul 17

minipost-I know China has a lot of good food, but …

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Tim Johnson dished out an interesting statistic of Beijing’s preparation for English speaking Olympics visitors: Continue reading »

Jul 09

The fanciest Chinese village banquet in history!

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Images from a village banquet from Shunde district (Foshan city, Guangdong province), courtesy of China.com (连接), :

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May 11

Enviroment of China: Challenges and Hope

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One of the most serious side effects of China’s unprecedented growth is the rapid degeneration of her environment, as it was recently covered by the NYT’s special series Choking on Growth.

James Fallows has a long feature article in the June issue of the Atlantic entitled “China’s Silver Lining,why soggy skies over Beijing represent the world’s great environmental opportunity.” The gist of it is that “China’s environmental situation is disastrous. And it is improving. Everyone knows about the first part. The second part if important too. ” The article is not available online yet and we will provide a link when it’s up.

I would also recommend readers who concerned on this issue checking out this excellent bilingual website China Dialogue.

As a side note: for people who plan to travel to Beijing, WSJ’s take on the World’s best Chinese food.