Jul 25

minipost-(Letter) Hon Hai’s Terry Gou Donates His Wealth

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Let’s take a relief from serious blogging.

Taiwan’s Terry Gou has pledged to donate 90% of his wealth to charity before his wedding. Continue reading »

May 23

Tianya: The most bad-ass Sichuan earthquake rescue team

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The Chinese internet has been filled with literally thousands of stories of individual heroism from the recent earthquake… from victims, to PLA soldiers, to doctors, to volunteers, there are far too many for us to count or translate.

But this story in particular got the attention of many Chinese. It’s about a small group of poor Chinese peasants who drove across all of China in a rickety tractor in order in order to help in the disaster relief. For this reason, they’ve earned the label “the most bad-ass rescue team”.

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May 22

Red Cross in the Crosshairs

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For the many Chinese critical of their government, their number one concern isn’t “human rights” or “freedom of expression”… instead, it’s corruption pervasive throughout Chinese society. In the aftermath of the earthquake, this issue is again on prominent display.

The Chinese Red Cross is playing a critical role in managing relief donations for victims of the earthquake. However, along with great authority comes great responsibility. The Red Cross is now being hit with allegations of corruption from every corner.

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