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Translation: Reinstall the practice of traveling in official litters

Written by admin on Monday, March 19th, 2012 at 11:04 pm
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Recently it has been proposed that the practice of mandarins travelling in official litters should be reinstalled.

An official litterMajor advantages of the proposed change are:
1. Environmental friendly; no carbon emission.
2. Create jobs. Assuming 4 people are needed to lift each litter, this proposal creates 32 million employment opportunities.
 3. Save $150 billion yuan annually on government vehicle operating cost.
 4. Eliminate traffic congestion in metropolitan areas.
 5. Entrepreneurs will emulate what officials do and thus double its impact on job growth. .
 6. Commoners can stop the litter to air their grievances

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8 Responses to “Translation: Reinstall the practice of traveling in official litters”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Funny! Can you provide a link to the original Chinese?

  2. admin Says:

    I got it from an email. Here is the original Chinese: 【官员应恢复坐轿制度】有网友建议官员应恢复坐轿制度,主要有6个好处:1,低碳环保;2,全国800多万官员,每轿4人抬,新增3200多万人就业;3,每年至少省1500亿公车支出;4,彻底解决城市堵车,消除尾号限行麻烦;5,企业家效仿,又增加1倍以上就业;6,方便百姓拦轿鸣冤告状更加亲民。

  3. Nick Kellingley Says:

    Nice one! Made me smile. It wouldn’t surprise me if the idea gains traction at some point among China’s elite either…

  4. Miguel Says:

    This is really funny and I think it would help with the traffic and pollution here in Beijing. It can get really bad.

  5. Marc Richard Says:

    This is hilarious. Actually, I think it would cut some of these politicians down to size a bit huh?

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