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Pacific Rim Shots

Written by Steve on Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 at 5:14 pm
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I’d like to announce our blog to the Fool’s Mountain audience, an offshoot of this blog written by Wukailong, whose comments and posts you’re probably familiar with, and Steve (that’s me). Rather than write specifically about China, we’ve opened it up to the entire Pacific Rim and have posted articles about many countries, though because our backgrounds are in China and Taiwan, they are the subject of the brunt of our articles.

Unlike most blogs about China and East Asia, we tend to stay away from current political affairs and are more on the cultural side, though we do dabble in politics every once in awhile. We figured the political and current event scene was covered ad nauseum by other blogs out there and didn’t want to be a ‘me too’ site. If you like music, movies, photography, culture, travel and food, you might enjoy checking us out.

We also have a continuing feature, a photo after every 3rd post, from Jesse, who lives in Beijing and has his own blog where he posts one photo per day, everyday. His headlines are as good as his photos!

As the title states, our site is called Pacific Rim Shots. You can find us here: http://pacificrimshots.com/

Hope to see you there!

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22 Responses to “Pacific Rim Shots”

  1. kui Says:

    Nice site, very interesting.

  2. Steve Says:

    Thanks for the positive response, kui. Hope to see you there and please leave comments if so inspired.

  3. Dragan Says:

    Steve, could you maybe explain why this place (fool’s mountain) has died out? I have never received a satisfactory answer to that question. Bests Dragan

  4. Steve Says:

    Hi Dragan, long time… 🙂

    I can only give you my own opinion on why FM isn’t like it was in the old days. I’m sure other writers and LC would have their own opinion.

    When looking back to the earlier days of the blog, if you read not only the posts but also the discussions underneath, I think you’d agree with me that though we all might have disagreed, people weren’t as disagreeable and I feel many of those discussions were worthwhile and very enlightening. But it seemed that as the blog matured, people became more set in their positions, more “trolls” made their appearance and the many of the discussions turned into arbitrary name-calling sessions where debate was mostly by employing a variety of logical fallacies. As an editor, I sure had my hands full.

    Maybe all that could be said was already said? Things started getting very repetitive, the same old Tibet, Taiwan, CCP, media, etc. posts and discussions. I tend to be a moderate, not pro or anti CCP and I very much like China and the Chinese people, so I tried to move more into the cultural side with music, architecture, comedy and subjects that were not the typical ones discussed in blogs.

    The guys over at Hidden Harmonies decided they wanted to concentrate more on the media’s portrayal of China and certain other themes that mattered to them. Wukailong and I wanted to branch out to other Pacific Rim countries, still do a bit on politics but spend more time on culture and entertainment. Unfortunately, no one picked up the slack on FM or moved it in another direction. It was just one of those things.

    The format is still here so I’d encourage anyone who has good ideas concerning China and the Chinese culture to pick up where we left off and write posts for FM. There is still a very large following as shown by the number of hits per day it receives, so a built in audience is there for you. If you like the format that WKL and I have put together on Pacific Rim Shots, stop over occasionally and please leave comments!

  5. Dragan Says:

    Hi Steve, many thanks for the explanation offered. Good luck with the new blog space and see you there!

  6. Kevin Le Vu Says:

    Nice read, Steve! Keep up the great blog post!

  7. Steve Says:

    Kevin, thanks for the kind words! Hope to see you over at Pacific Rim Shots!

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  9. Leehandsome Says:

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