Apr 14

“Fifty Cent Party” definition broaden to people not paid 50 cent

Written by guest on Tuesday, April 14th, 2009 at 12:59 pm
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Oh, boy, these days it’s dangerous to have a pro-Chinese government view on the Internet, even if you genuinely believe it, out of your own volition, and volunteer such sentiment freely, without acceptiong a 50 cent pittance.

Here, you can see Rebecca MacCannon just expaned the definition of “Fifty Cent Party” to include those “paid or who volunteer to post pro-government opinions”

Wow! How dare they! Like I said, heaven forbid any Chinese should have a different opinion of their own government than us American.

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3 Responses to ““Fifty Cent Party” definition broaden to people not paid 50 cent”

  1. Allen Says:

    The CCP owe me money – big time – if I can charge them for the time spent here at a rate that is commensurate with my billable rate.

    I’m petitioning to get my money next time I am in Beijing.

    Admin – I’ll petition for you, too.

    Volunteers need to eat, provide for family, and live, too. There is no free lunch!

    So CCP officials – if you are reading – please note that as long as we bloggers are contributing to making the CCP’s image more positive – even if we are not at all affiliated with the CCP … and doing it for our own reasons – the CCP need to pay us. 50 cents on the dollar if need be! 😀

  2. Icecat77 Says:

    Who said you were making the CCP’s image more positive? (I though this site was about making “China’s” image more positive, so in the above statement you concretely reveal the intentions of this site-to spread “Party” propaganda (whether it be of your own volition or Party-supported), rather than propaganda in the interest of China or the Chinese people (maybe you don’t make a distinction)…not surprising viewing the content, but nice to hear a direct admission, rather than the usual bullshit of “we are just trying to spark dialogue”) Anyway, maybe you haven’t been paid because your efforts fail miserably? Since its inception, nothing about this site has made my impression of China, the Party, or the Chinese people any better. In fact, your site has actually made my impression of overseas Chinese much worse because it’s made me realize more clearly how many Chinese nationalists, racists, and potential “Benedict Arnold’s” we have living in our midst.

  3. Charles Liu Says:

    Icecat77, thank you so much for such a perfect illustration of this “Fifty Cent Party” cyber-gestapoism some of us have noticed.

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