Dec 15

The post “Is there a moral crisis in China?” made me curious about couple of “Ethical” or “Moral” issues that is going on in China that is being talked about in the rest of the world.

Morals have different standards with different countries and cultures. But with the world becoming more flat, these moral/ethical issues are being talk about today.

In my Ethics class I need to write a research paper on anything ethical issues and I thought I’d write it on China, specifically on Governmental Control of the Internet(The Great Wall), and how the Chinese government can freely tap your phone calls and monitor whatever you do on the internet and have access to your personal information.
By American Standards that is a violation of our Privacy Rights ergo by American standards, it is unethical… But how about in China… is it considered unethical for the government to do so?

I am curious on what are your opinions on this issue?
And please indicate if it is ok if I use you as a source in my paper…

Dec 15

And now for something completely different!

After sailing across the Pacific Ocean in a 15th century Chinese junk, Captain Nelson Liu and his crew of seven on the Princess Tai Ping spent their last few days at the San Diego Maritime Museum before making their way to Hawaii and eventually back to Japan and Taipei.

The 54 foot, 35 ton Fujian style warship, built and launched from Xiamen using the same materials as their ancestors, is following the conjectured route of 15th century Chinese admiral Zheng He who, according to some theories, may have arrived on the North American West Coast long before Cabrillo.

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