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Sharon Stone reveals her dark basic instinct

Written by DJ on Monday, May 26th, 2008 at 4:20 am
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While being interviewed at the Cannes film festival, Sharon Stone shared some candid words on her reactions to the Sichuan earthquake, which to date is estimated to have killed more than 80,000 (including confirmed fatalities and those missing) and left millions homeless. I would strongly urge everyone to listen for yourself at this YouTube link. The following is a transcript I took down from the video clip as precisely as possible. The capitalized words reflect her own emphasized tones.

[EDITED to break the transcript into more readable parts]

Sharon Stone: … Well you know it was very interesting because at first, you know, I am not happy about the ways the Chinese were treating the Tibetans because I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else. And so I have been very concerned about how to think and what to do about that because I don’t like THAT.

And I had been this, you know, concerned about, oh how should we deal with the Olympics because they are not being nice to the Dalai Lama, who is a good friend of mine.

And all these earthquake and stuff happened and I thought: IS THAT KARMA? When you are not nice that bad things happen to you.

And then I got a letter, from the Tibetan Foundations that they want to go and be helpful. And that made me cry. And they ask me if I would write a quote about that and I said, “I would.” And it was a big lesson to me, that some times you have to learn to put your head down and be of service even to people who are not nice to you. And that’s a big lesson for me.

There are many (very) angry comments left by viewers at the YouTube. I will attach just one sample, which is written in Chinese by ivyagree.

悲愤!这就是所谓诺贝尔和平奖获得者达赖喇嘛的追随者,受灾的人有羌族、藏族、汉族,死伤的是活生生的老百 姓,地震这样的自然灾难她居然能跟政治搅在一起?还能用上”有趣”的字眼。 我要诅咒莎朗斯通,让这个世界撕心裂肺的事情跟她家沾上关系,跟她所热爱和愿意追随的所谓”朋友”沾上关系 ,把受伤和失去亲人的灾民所受的苦难统统给予这个女人吧,你们讲究轮回,好吧,一辈子你是消受不起了,就让 苦难追随着你的轮回,一世又一世。。。


Anger and disgust! So this is a follower of the so called Nobel Peace Prize winner Dalai Lama. The victims include Qiang, Tibetan and Han people. The dead and injured are real and ordinary citizens. How could politics be mixed up with a natural disaster like earthquake? And to describe the tragedy with the word “interesting”! I curse Sharon Stone. Let all the heartbreaking events in this world be linked to her family; to all these she love and “friends” she would follow. Let all the suffering of the injured and those who lost loved ones be passed to this woman. You believe in karma? OK, one life is not enough for you to pay back. Let the pains follow you through your reincarnations, over and over …

As for my reaction, I probably would not go that far. Here is my message for Sharon Stone: Please do not ever try to be of service to me because, you know, when you put your head down, I might be tempted to knock something really heavy and hard on it.

And here is a message for Dalai Lama: You should be careful about the friends you keep. Either they reflect a lot about who you are, or they are not being particularly helpful for your cause.

PS: Perhaps this would not come as a surprise anymore. If you search the Google news with terms such as “Sharon Stone China earthquake” or alike, and you won’t find any news media reporting, let alone commenting, on her disgusting words.

[EDITED TO ADD] Please also check out this post at The New Voice, which addresses the same subject with some nice comments. [FURTHER EDITED TO ADD] The New Voice just followed up with a post specifically addressing some readers’ defense of Sharon Stone by pointing to the last part of her speech. I completely share the same view as described in The New Voice, and couldn’t have put it any better myself.

[UPDATE] Please note that a day after the posting of this entry, Google News is now returning many results when queried about Sharon Stone and earthquake. I am also happy to note that at least one of them, the Shanghaiist, was based on this very entry.

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95 Responses to “Sharon Stone reveals her dark basic instinct”

  1. Buxi Says:

    I think it’s an open secret that for many supporters of a “Free Tibet”… Tibetan lives are worth more than Chinese lives. In contrast, as someone who loves my country, the lives of all Chinese (zhonghua minzu) are worth the same to me.

    I shed the same number of tears for the dead children being pulled out of the earthquake, regardless of whether they were Tibetan, Qiang, or Han.

  2. Jane Says:

    Who cares about what Sharon Stone thinks? She is an actress who hasn’t had any hits in like two decades. Why are we even giving any weight to her opinion? I wouldn’t let her comment bother me because I know those who perished are in heaven.

  3. DJ Says:


    To be honest, I wouldn’t have bothered to write this post if Sharon Stone didn’t invoke Dalai Lama, who she claims as a close friend. In some sense, such an attitude from a friend of Dalai Lama’s is revealing, isn’t it?

    Of course, to be fair, we should give Dalai Lama a chance to reject such hateful words. Let’s hold our breath …

  4. S.K. Cheung Says:

    To DJ:
    Sharon Stone was speaking like an idiot. However, even if we assume that the Dalai returns her friendship, is he responsible for every idiotic uttering of every one of his friends the world over? That seems like a pretty high standard that you hold him to. And is he also now expected to renounce the idiotic words of every one of his friends every time they are spoken? Or perhaps is a mountain being made of a mole-hill?

  5. Eugene Zhao Says:

    Through the experience of paying close attention to the Tibet unrest the past few months, I have learned a tremendous amount about western media, culture, politics, deeply rooted bigotry, popular anti-China sentiment, etc., more than what I learned over the past 18 years living in US. I have come to the conclusion that human civilization, especially in the west, is at a very primitive stage. In terms of what to do about this sad reality, I have decided that I must be clear with my objectives in what I do. It is time to take a stand.

    I think that publicizing this video is good to China in managing the Tibetan issue. It exposes bigotry, ignorance, lack of rationality, and pure evilness of one prominent supporter of the Dalai Lama. It contributes to the discrediting of the Dalai Lama supporters around the world.

  6. DJ Says:

    S.K. Cheung,

    First, she didn’t speak like an idiot, she is.

    Second, I was speaking with the tongue “slightly” in cheek. (You know, an insider’s joke just for you.) Obama’s trouble with Wright certainly came to my mind when I wrote my previous comment. (But I do not hold Dalai Lama to the same esteem as I afford Obama. On the other hand, I won’t vote for Obama, BTW, after he suggested Bush to consider not attending the Olympics opening ceremony. He is, after all, still just a politician.)

    Well, everything you said makes sense IF Dalai Lama does not own his fame and saint like (now that is funny, isn’t it? in the Christian west.) status in the west in some way to friends like Richard Gere and such. Frankly, I didn’t know Sharon Stone was one of the groupies. But oh well, I am not exactly surprised either.

    Please excuse my sarcastic tone in this reply. I just have a rather low tolerance for people who suffer with a delusion of adequacy either in terms of knowledge or intelligence. Many in the Hollywood do cross my threshold.

    On that note, I should commend Brad Pitt for his honesty. When asked about the implication of his role in the movie “Seven Years in Tibet” by the Time magazine, he responded: “Who cares what I think China should do (about Tibet)? I’m a fucking actor … I’m a grown man who puts on makeup.”

  7. Jane Says:

    Are monks allowed to have female friends? It was kind of odd seeing the Dalai Lama holding Nancy Pelosi’s hand. Han Buddhism seems to encourage monks to divorce themselves from earthly affairs. But Tibetan Buddhism seems very different.

  8. DJ Says:


    Now, now, I am sure you are just having fun here. The mental image of Dalai Lama and Pelosi … No! We should resist to go there. 🙂

    Anyway, my understanding is that Tibetan monks are not bound by the same rules as the ones enforced on the Han monks. For example, lamas are vegetarians, but not strictly so. This is understandable, I feel, in Tibet’s environment. I also heard that in Japan, monks can have wives.

  9. Bing Ma Yong Says:

    I would just ignore this woman.

    Her friends didn’t tell her the earthquake area were also inhabited by Tibetans. The epicenter WenChuan county’s Tibetan name under “greater Tibet” is Lungu county.

    For sure Dalai Lama is no responsible for every his friend’s words. But Sharon Stone’s view is largely influenced by TBIE’s story of “general no-Tibetan Chinese population are suppressing Tibetans” which you can easily find out on the forums/blogs involved by TBIE people. I am not too sure this has something do with His Holiness’s administration or not.

  10. guilao Says:

    It’s like 9/11 all over again. I was amazed then by how many Beijingers said Americans deserved it, payback for the Belgrade bombing. There are always idiots who gloat over others misfortune.

  11. Bing Ma Yong Says:

    9/11 was a man mad tragedy caused by political conflicts
    5.12 was a nature disaster on a much bigger scale which had nothing to do with politics

    tragedy is a tragedy no matter what the cause

  12. Will Says:

    I have nothing but disdain for Sharon Stone’s ill-informed politics. However, I think the main reason there’s been no American reporting of these comments is because nobody in America cares about what Sharon Stone thinks, particularly about something as unrelated to her career as Tibet.

    American news media doesn’t focus that much on Hollywood’s political stances. Frankly we write them off as mindless parrots of liberal trends when it comes to politics. Americans like to hear about gossip and scandals involving Hollywood stars, but when it comes to their politics we usually roll our eyes and change the channel.

    Basically, I dismiss Sharon Stone’s comments the same way I dismiss similar ignorant sentiments made by other Americans, and the same way I dismiss angry anti-American comments made by Chinese.

  13. MutantJedi Says:

    So this is what Hollywood Buddhists think? Seriously, she converted to Buddhism from Scientology with the guidance of Richard Gere. It would be a mistake to take her words as representative of Buddhists or Americans.

    But the Tibetan Foundation would like a quote from her.

  14. Buxi Says:


    “The New Voice” looks to be an excellent blog written by Chinese…? Definitely something to pay attention to going forward, great find.

  15. coldblooded3 Says:

    I m sure there were Chinese spoke maliciously of 911, but there’s a difference, they were not public figures. Give me ONE name who said Americans deserved it. Actually there were a bunch of intellectuals, professors published an essay titled “Tonight we are all Americans”, I guess west media would never report on that, instead they picked something from the internet forums to suit their personal agenda.

    Also if you say who gives ratess about what Sharaon Stone says, she’s stupid and all that, I wonder if you would say the same thing when the next time she or Ricard Gere and their hollywood friends speak FOR Dalai Lama.

  16. Snowdrops Says:

    Oh puurrrlllease. You are giving far too much weight to the stupid words spoken by a has-been Hollywood actress. So what if she claims to be the Dalai Lama’s friend? And so what if she claims to have apparently converted to Buddhism through, of all people, Richard Gere, who is not even a monk the last time I checked???? I think the reporter was idiotic to ask Sharon Stone’s opinion of the Chinese earthquake in the first place, and even more idiotic to deem her half-thought-through words worthy to report, and now I’ve just wasted five minutes of my life commenting on this non-event. Should I thank you or not for bringing this to our attention?

    (And oh, to answer coldblooded3 above, what made you think that people pay any attention even when she or Richard Gere and other so-called Hollywood stars speak FOR the Dalai Lama???)

    Frankly, the Chinese earthquake has many serious issues that deserve a lot more of our attention than such frivolous distractions. To even give a damn about SS’s comments says more about the idiocy of the person than the idiocy of the celeb herself.

  17. Opersai Says:

    Ok, look. I’ve read a lot of stupid comments on forums, fackbook groups, youtube comments made by individuals of similar words. I was angry, but then brushed them off as some idiot behind a computer. But Sharon stone, she’s a public figure and she DOES sway public opinions. It’s different when she, a public figure, says it to the public!

  18. Snowdrops Says:

    Just to be clear though, I do think the comment you have left for Sharon Stone on the Youtube video was absolutely priceless! That kind of Hollywood idiocy deserves nothing more than a sarcastic putdown, but let’s not get ourselves whipped into a melodramatic frenzy. We’re way more dignified than that.

  19. robert Says:

    To Jane:

    Tibetan monks are encouraged to have sex with women. They think by having sex with women, it’s a way of better practicing their Buddhism. Karma, is another notion that the monks believe in-whatever one suffers, he/she should accept it, and always bow down, because this is to compensate the sins they committed in their previous life. Dalai lama was the lord of the largest slavery system. He fled Tibet after his rebellion agaist the Chinese government failed in 1950s. Since then he has a political tool used by CIA and the British against the Chinese government.
    Most westerners including those Hollywood ignorant Dalai lama followers don’t know Tibet’s history, and of course, they don’t care either, they may not even know where Tibet is other than it is in China. One reason they support Dalai lama is that he is suppressed by the Chinese government, a communist government that liberals hate on everything it does. The second reason, as liberals, they think they are superior to other people, they like to free everything.

  20. Wu Di Says:

    So before this blog turns into a ranting vent like so many others, let me share my 2ct, even if this might give me some death wishes.

    Yes, Sharon Stone is apparently mired in her own binary way of thinking, and influenced by the idea of KARMA a bit more than is appropriate here (although some less well educated Chinese actually do make similar superstitious connections.)

    However, in a way every person is entitled to their opinion (at least in my opinion) and I always thought it’s best to FIRST understand where this opinion comes from, and THEN try to find out which parts may be right or wrong.

    Unfortunately in this whole discussion about Sharon Stone’s and comments the first part is lost and so the second part has become very extreme. Reacting with death wishes and threats is definitely out of line, and makes me feel ashamed for China.

    So, although I don’t agree with Sharon Stone (after all, she’s a celeb and not an expert on China/Tibet), part of what she’s actually saying is that after she was asked by the Tibetan Foundation to help with the relief efforts in Sichuan, she felt touched and learned that “some times you have to learn to […] be of service even to people who are not nice to you.”

    I think she’s trying to teach us all a lesson she herself has just recently learned — arguably a valuable lesson that’s much better than the old ‘an eye for an eye’.

    Now, would there be a China Foundation that encourages people to help with relief efforts if there was a bad natural disaster in Tibet? Presumably yes, but can we be sure? Would it ask foreigners for help? I’m not so sure. Would it help Tibet because of the disaster or because of nationalist notions of yes-we-help-them-but-only-if-they-recognize-that-we-are-all-Chinese-and-are-eternally-grateful-to-us? Worth thinking about.

    My opinion on the Sharon Stone incident is first of all that those who are suffering deserve any help they can get, regardless of where this help comes from. There are millions who lost everything. Their relatives can’t be brought back but their homes can be rebuilt. If we look beyond our own nationalistic blinders we could open up and turn this whole relief effort into a means that creates global solidarity. Not because we are begging but because we are an open society that engages with other people’s opinions (even Sharon Stone’s) and learns how to be an international player.

    Anger and rage won’t convince her that she’s said something wrong, it will tell her that she’s dealing with people who are not able to have a rational discussion.

    And by the way, always bringing in the various ways Tibetan history is written is not very fruitful either. We all know that there’s politics behind this, and it may be best to look for commonalities instead of differences, otherwise all we get are comments full of rage and misunderstanding that preclude a more rational and harmonious solution.

    Just my 2ct.

  21. will Says:

    I still remembered, Glenn Hoodle, the former coach of England national football team , was sacked for his comments on disable people. He said that disabled people are disabled due to karma and did bad things in previous life. This caused massive outrage and sacked as England coach.

  22. Wu Di Says:

    Will, actually if you stick to the text, Sharon Stone never SAID it was karma. She ASKED whether that was karma! Big difference! And in a way, she’s then answering her own question with a ‘no’.

  23. Blue Says:

    I’m increasingly disappointed in Blogging for China. The whole title of this blog implies it does not aspire to be much more than another Asian hate site. The content is beginning to confirm this.

    The quip about Sharon stone sucking your dick off – you know that’s exactly what you meant – was crass.

    The way I see it is:

    1 – Who cares what Sharon Stone thinks. It’s like quoting some has been Chinese actress. Sure they shoot their mouths off and say dumb stuff occasionally. Is it important evidence of ‘anti-China’, ‘anti-western’ or whatever other views?

    2 – Invoking this idea of karma is hardly unique in terms of tastelessness and stupidity. Numerous Chinese did it about the Indonesians in the wake of the tsunami. This idea often comes up after a disaster.

    3 – Isn’t she actually saying that she has decided she should help the earthquake victims, despite her problems with the Chinese government, and has thus learned a humbling lesson? I may be reading it wrong, but that is how it appeared. Her basic sentiments seem laudable even if she has a way to go.

    But really man, you can do better than make quips about aging stars sucking your dick.

  24. Buxi Says:


    First of all, we encourage discussion here and an accurate portrayal of Chinese perspectives. And that, sometimes, means anger and frustration. I have no idea what “dick sucking” you might be referring to; it certainly sounds like that comment would be inappropriate, but perhaps it’s already been deleted. I certainly see nothing like that above right now.

    We’re not here to repaint the Chinese people as panda bears (or saints); we’re just here, as CLC said excellently a few posts ago, to reflect the China (good and bad) that most Chinese people would recognize.

  25. Eric Says:

    I agree with Wu Di when he says that the entire point of the Sharon Stone quote was to point out that she was wrong in her spiteful attitude towards the innocent earthquake victims. I find it odd that she would be the target of such hatred on this site when she was indicting her own way of thinking as incorrect.

    Further, I agree with the other posters point out that she is just a stupid celebrity, and there is no reason to give even a second’s attention to her words.

    Finally, to Buxi, I have to say that I agree with Blue, that this post is uncharacteristically hatemongering for this site. I see this site as a possibly terrific resource, please don’t let it degenerate into hateful celebrity gossip. I’m not talking about sugarcoating or to borrow your hilarious metaphor, making panda bears out of the people, but there is a difference between “reflecting China, good and bad” and this post, unless you mean to imply that the Chinese people as a whole really are hateful. (As for the rather tangential point about fellatio, DJ said

    “Here is my message for Sharon Stone: Please do not ever try to be of service to me because, you know, when you put your head down, I might be tempted to knock something really heavy and hard on it.”

    A rather distasteful mental image, I have to say :\ )

    PS: the quote from brad pitt is TERRIFIC. I couldn’t agree more with his standpoint.

  26. Wang Chung Says:

    Sharon Stone rocks! She expressed her opinion, you buffoons, which is more than you can ever do in China.

    “Opinion has caused more trouble on this little earth than plagues or earthquakes.”

    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    – Voltaire

  27. coldblooded3 Says:


    If people dont pay any attention when she or Richard Gere and other so-called Hollywood stars speak for the Dalai Lama, then how did u know they are for Dalai Lama in the first place ? they personally told you ?

    @Wu Di,

    Some of the areas the quake hit this time are tibetan and other minorities Autonomous Counties, some people killed or injured are actually tibetans. If you dont even know this, I wonder why you even bother to write such a long piece of crap on the topic of tibet and sichuan earthquake.

    and by the way, Sharon stone can open her filthy mouth to spit poison on TV, because she’s entitled to her opinion, but others cant curse her or make threats on internet? what happened to “in a way every person is entitled to their opinion”? my opinon is to curse her ess off, am I not entitled to it? you are such a dumb person, stop giving us ur 2ct, nobody needs it and you’re only humliating yourself.

  28. admin Says:


    Are you sure you read the “dick sucking” part on our site? I certainly did not see it nor did I delete such a comment (and as a general rule, we don’t delete readers’ comments).

    As you may aware, this is a collaborative blog. Each writer has their own opinions and perspectives, just as each commentator does. My hope is that with more people contributing to this blog, either as post writers or as commentators; various voices will be heard and evaluated. I certainly welcome you and other readers to participate in this process.

  29. Bing Ma Yong Says:

    @ Wu Di,

    I think you haven’t follow this blog closely.

    1. not quite sure where the “death wishes” would come from. I would say most of the contributers/comments here are rational. occasionally there are one or two extremists come and go and this can not be avoided if we open the commenting

    2. if you look at some of the previous articles regarding Tibet like this one http://blog.foolsmountain.com/?p=114, you would find out the opinions from most of the regular Chinese contributers on this blog do think it’s pointless to argue the history with politics behinds and more would like to discuss “a more rational and harmonious solution” for today and for the future. of course we know both CCP and Dalai Lama would not listen to nobody like us. But just because we care of and we discuss here.

    3. I am grateful what Sharon Stone says “that some times you have to learn to put your head down and be of service even to people who are not nice to you”

    But I have to point out the view of “Chinese(Han) people are not nice to Tibetans” “Chinese are killing Tibetans” are large in the west. To see a political problem as ethnic conflict is something I don’t agree.

    As we all know every issue in Tibet dose exist in every corner in Han inhabited area in China if we only compare these two ethnic groups. the land reform, the culture revolution in the past,the freedom of religion, the rural poverty, the political freedom, the disappearing of our culture, the aggressive modern construction , the forcible displace of residents, the disappearing of dialects etc. Are we able to point out anything happens in Tibet not happening let’s say in Shanxi province.

    I often see and I am very sad that many are systemically spreading the hatred towards general Han population.

    CCP dose lots of things wrong but CCP teach kids that all ethnics are brothers and sisters and should love each other and should live in harmony. CCP says the 3.14 riot caused by a tiny group of separatists and criminals and most Tibetans are peaceful people. CCP dose not spread ethnic hatred. It might encourage the hatred towards the government of TBIE .I often hear from TBIE organizations and many westerners say”Chinese are killing Tibetans” “Chinese are dogs” etc. That’s what ” people who are not nice to you” come from and I know a large number of people hold this view.

    spreading ethnic hatred dose not do good to anyone.

  30. Nimrod Says:

    As much as I find her thoughts distasteful, it really echoes the “New Age” thinking of many such celebrities and “liberal activists”. I know a few myself. They have just a superficial understanding of karma, that’s all, really harmless and not at all political.

    Perhaps Sharon Stone revealed too much about the first thing that came to her mind, but the moral of the story was a positive one, if you read the last thing she said.

    I guess her fault is not expressing any sympathy with the victims and so appears cold-hearted. But let’s not heap on more scorn than she deserves. For example, she didn’t find the earthquake “interesting”. She found interesting what she learned from this whole incident.

  31. whocares Says:

    Who cares what a brainless ignorant actress (xizi plus bitch) says?

  32. Nimrod Says:

    Yes, I agree. I think Chinese hang on to the words of every minor character a bit too much. It’s not healthy.

  33. Blue Says:

    Admin: The reference to fellatio is in the original post. It was recognized as such by myself and Eric.

    The specific sentence is below:

    “Here is my message for Sharon Stone: Please do not ever try to be of service to me because, you know, when you put your head down, I might be tempted to knock something really heavy and hard on it.”

    Please do not try to be cute and pretend that sentence was intended to be read any other way than how I read it. You just make yourself look dishonest and nasty.

    In fact this blog has contained some good material in the past. I do not have a whole lot of time for a blog whose basic rationale is defending a country more than capable of defending itself. However, so far I have been happy to check this site out. That said, If the bloggers themselves are going to bullshit with their readers then I am not prepared to be a reader.

    Does anyone responsible for this blog admit that was a reference to fellatio?

  34. Nimrod Says:

    I’ve got nothing to do with this blog, but that seems to me to be a reference to knocking some sense into Stone’s head with a blunt object. The phrase was also a Stone quote:

    “…that some times you have to learn to put your head down and be of service even to people who are not nice to you…”

    Is she talking about fellatio here? Come on… You must have an active imagination.

  35. admin Says:


    No, I simply don’t read this sentence as a reference to fellatio. You are certainly entitled to your opinions, but I think you are probably got carried away by your imagination. Or is this a cultural difference?

  36. Jane Says:

    I think you may need to re-focus a little bit if you want this blog to be an intellectual forum on issues involving China.

    I feel sometimes Chinese get bogged down on minor issues (such as what one actress says) and then the whole discussion degenerates into mudslinging.

    It’s okay to inject some fun pieces into a blog. But I feel a blog should have a theme, a purpose and not be too reactionary.

  37. nsfw Says:

    So Sharon Stone has exposed herself as a twat again. Hardly worth commenting on, really, unless you have a victim complex.

  38. B.Smith Says:

    What’s this about there being no Western media coverage?? Look, the Chinese had a point when they said that Western coverage of the Tibetan riots was biased, but they’ve taken it wayyy too far. Especially since Western journalists were stopped – by the Chinese government – from entering Tibet (how could they objectively report in that situation?). But I digress.

    The Sharon Stone story is prominently linked to on Drudge Report (http://drudgereport.com/), the most popular news site in America. Did you hear that? THIS STORY IS ON THE MOST POPULAR NEWS SITE IN AMERICA.

    What Sharon Stone said was stupid and insensitive, but don’t try to lie about there being no Western media coverage. And please stop whining while you’re at it. When I was living in China, there wasn’t a day that went by that the Chinese newspapers weren’t talking crap about America with far more bias and slant than the Western media has ever shown to China. Once Chinese people clean up the huge mess in their media, they can start attacking minor spills of the West’s.

  39. B.Smith Says:

    By the way, what Sharon Stone said was wrong. But in America, we are used to our actors and actresses saying stupid things all the time. Hollywood stars seem to think that their job – pretending to be someone else – gives them the credentials to spout off their opinions on all sorts of topics. Just ignore her.

    Also, besides Drudge Report, this story is on:
    Melbourne Herald Sun
    …and there is a big discussion about it on the Vogue forums.

    As this is a relatively recent story, I expect other news/entertainment networks will soon pick it up as well.

  40. steveballmer Says:

    sharon stone is an idiot

  41. WhiteLilyBeach Says:

    LOL, I didnt know she ‘s a good friend of Dalai Lama. A saint monk pairs up with a whore…uhh, that picture just makes me sick.

  42. DJ Says:

    Gee, I stepped outside for a day and this simple (at least I thought it was) post turned into something controversial.

    First thing first, what I wrote had nothing to do with the act of fellatio, implicitly or not. As Nimrod observed above, I was simply focusing on Sharon Stone’s last sentence in the transcript while mocking her words. Beside the line of “is this karma?”, this last bit of her response particularly disgusted me. Here she was, overflowing with moral superiority, ready to dispense charity even to people who were not nice, which presumably include me. I was merely trying to say “thanks, but no thanks” in, hmm, a bit of emphasized manner.

    I must admit that Nimrod’s interpretation of “knocking some sense into Stone’s head with a blunt object” sounds quite meaningful. And I would encourage people to read it that way. But to be completely honest, I wasn’t thinking that at all. It was actually a silly follow-up to my immediate prior comment on the YouTube viewer’s curse (i.e., “I probably would not go that far.”). Ironic how it turned out, isn’t it? Looking back, such words seem to demonstrate a figuratively violent impulse response. I must request readers’ understanding. At the time of writing, I just finished listening to her rambling speech way too many times, playing, pausing, rewinding, repeat, while attempting to note down a complete and precise transcript. Her voice just got in my head and it wasn’t pleasant. Seriously, try listen to her asking “IS THAT KARMA?” a few times. I am not talking about her words per se, just her voice.

    Nevertheless, Blue and Eric seem to genuinely believe that this post meant something it didn’t and feel offended. I would like to offer the following: If my words inadvertently tricked your dirty minds into imagining some wild erotic fantasies, I am sorry for you to have taken offense.

    OK, OK, I am sorry, and this time I am serious. The above tongue in cheek apology is mean. I had been frustrated by too many fake apologies from the US politicians and media (e.g. see Jack “goons and thugs” Cafferty) for so long, I can’t help but let it out in this way for once. I am sorry you have to suffer this collateral damage.

  43. DJ Says:

    B. Smith,

    When I wrote this blog post about 24 hours ago, the Google News didn’t return anything when queried. Yes, now it shows a few places where this is mentioned. But please note the timestamps of these are after the publication of this blog entry.

  44. overseaschinese Says:

    It’s funny that you think a violent impulse might be more acceptable than a blowjob. Get over your victim complex and learn what Sharon Stone already did. She’s certainly not the sharpest tool in the bucket, but her quotation actually enhanced the content of this tiredly self-congratulatory site.

  45. yo Says:

    @B Smith
    The drudge report is the most popular what?! 🙂

    “Will, actually if you stick to the text, Sharon Stone never SAID it was karma. She ASKED whether that was karma! Big difference!”

    If you watch “the daily show”, Jon Stewart calls the question mark used in this context the “Cavuto”(named after a fox news anchorman), which makes a question into a statement.

    George W. Bush best president ever?
    Democrats supporting terrorism?
    Is your mother a whore?

    So on and so forth… Sorry about “the daily show” side track.

    As for Sharon Stone, I agree with the other posters who say it was a stupid comment, but we should at least give her the chance to clarify her statements first.

  46. yo Says:

    “It’s funny that you think a violent impulse might be more acceptable than a blowjob.”

    Where have you been?, you can get impeached for it 🙂

  47. DJ Says:

    Oh no. I just have to relearn the lesson of not being rushed in producing a response.

    I came home and saw this explosion of comments to this post, glanced through and thought Blue and Eric were unreasonably hostile, and hurriedly wrote my defense with a mocking apology.

    After rereading the comments a bit more thoroughly, I must admit that Blue and Eric’s comments, while I disagree with, represent reasonable attempt at discussion from their perspectives. And I shouldn’t dismiss them the way I did.

    I am sorry for how I responded in the comment 44 above.

  48. Opersai Says:

    //Blue Says:
    May 27th, 2008 at 2:18 am Add karma Subtract karma +0

    Admin: The reference to fellatio is in the original post. It was recognized as such by myself and Eric.

    “Please do not ever try to be of service to me because, you know, when you put your head down, I might be tempted to knock something really heavy and hard on it.”//

    What the heck were you guys watching before you posted the comment? Porn?! Excuse me, but could it be the sex difference, that make me read that comment so completely different? That reads to me says the poster want to go hit her head with a big rock. fella what?! …. -_-… I’m quiet speechless as how wild some people’s imagination can run.

  49. Wu Di Says:

    @Bing Ma Yong:
    When I mentioned “death wishes” I was referring to the Sharon Stone discussion in general, not this blog.

    I agree wholeheartedly with your point about ethnic hatred — it does no good to anyone. Plus, I believe that cultural diversity and heterogeneity can be a huge asset to a culture.

    Americans see repeated in tbet what they did to the American Indians — but of course much less violently.

    Watching “The Daily Show” makes me want to puke 🙂

    According to the website it’s “unburdened by objectivity, journalistic integrity or even accuracy.” There’s lots of such shows in Western media, but I happen to be quite fond of ‘useless’ things such as objectivity, journalistic integrity, and even accuracy… 🙂

  50. DJ Says:

    Wu Di,

    Thanks for referring readers at The New Voice to read the full transcript here. However, I respectfully disagree with you on what Sharon Stone meant. My reading of her speech is of the following:

    First, she intuitively viewed the Sichuan earthquake as a karmic response from heaven on the Chinese for not being nice to Tibetans and Dalai Lama.

    Second, even though those Chinese deserve the deaths and sufferings, she is willing to let go of her dislike of the Chinese to try to offer some service after learning a lesson from the Tibetan Foundations. The New Voice put it so well: “My fellow Chinese, my parents and friends who are still suffering in Sichuan, can you feel the mercy and grace from Her Holiness Sharon Stone? She is willing to lower her noble head, forgive and pity you low life sinners. How lucky you are and how gracious she is! She must be a true princess!

    Suffice to say: I am not particularly fond of either of her positions.

  51. S.K. Cheung Says:

    To WuDi:
    i’m sorry you don’t like the Daily SHow. i think that and the Colbert Reporrrr are the best in political satire in the US today. Why watch Fox News when Stewart and Colbert summarize the funniest bits for you every night?

  52. anonymous Says:

    It probably is a bad year for Bernard Arnault. He gets into trouble over Carrefour, now his spokesperson for his Dior anti-aging treatment trips herself up over her remarks on the China earthquake.
    Ignore her, she’s a whore who does what she’s paid for.
    In Shanghai, she told everyone how she loved China, was amazed by everything she saw, etc, wanted to come back to do more for AIDS, etc.
    Of course, in America, she turns over on her backside and gets into bed with the Tibetans, because that’s what people there want to hear.
    You ask her one question and she gives an answer ad infinitum which also reveals nothing new or much, just to waste time but she was contractually obligated to talk.
    My “basic instinct” was that she doesn’t like China or Chinese very much anyway.
    I hope Chinese women boycott the over-priced stuff she endorses, and she gets the sack from Dior. We will hear what she has to say then.

  53. DJ Says:

    Wu Di,

    I am also surprised that you don’t like the Daily Show.

    If you have time, please take a look at http://journalism.org/node/10953, which examines why Jon Stewart was voted #4 on the list when Americans last year were asked to name the journalist they most admired. There are some rather interesting findings in the study.

  54. Nimrod Says:

    The Daily Show has been going downhill in the last few years as it got ever more self-conscious, petty, and myopic. Honestly, I don’t like it as much now.

  55. Wu Di Says:

    Ever heard of ‘in dubio pro reo’? I’m not saying that your reading is wrong, just that if she was asked to confirm your reading, she’d probably deny it 🙂

    And about The Daily Show (TDS): I quite agree with Nimrod, except that I’m not really qualified to comment on TDS, as I’ve only seen it a few times. The only TV news channels I watch when I’m in the US are C-SPAN and the History Channel. All the others, in particular FOX, make me sick.

    Be that as it may, I do see the rhetorical device of using a question mark, such as in “Are you stupid?” Guess I was playing devil’s advocate here, everyone drawing conclusions based on Sharon Stone’s awkwardly chosen words (to say the least) led me to try and open up the discussion. I really believe in the ‘in dubio pro reo’ principle, and I do think Sharon Stone regrets her words by now…

  56. DJ Says:

    Wu Di,

    So I learn something every day. No I didn’t know about the term “in dubio pro reo,” but now I do. Thanks.

    But I am not in doubt. Believe me, I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt while going through her speech (more than enough times), but just couldn’t find an excusable way to interpret otherwise.

  57. Blue Says:

    OK. . . I get it.

    1 – The blogger didn’t intend a reference to fellatio.

    2 – I have a dirty mind.

    3 – My dirty mind may have cultural origins. Maybe 5,000 years of culture would help me, but then again maybe I am beyond help.

    4 – Cafferty did not apologize sufficiently for his “goons and thugs” comment. By calling the Chinese government “goons and thugs” Cafferty severely and deliberately insulted every single Chinese person in the world. We should note that Caffery used the plural form of goons and thugs, clearly demonstrating that he was not just referring to the Chinese regime, but rather to all Chinese people everywhere. CNN probably should pay reparations to the Chinese people since Cafferty’s apology was clearly inadequate.

  58. B.Smith Says:

    @ DJ
    Didn’t see the timestamps, sorry about that bro. This is an interesting blog, keep up the good work!

  59. Buxi Says:


    I have to admit I was put back on my heels by Blue’s accusation, thinking that perhaps someone above was being too crude/crass in insulting Sharon Stone.

    But after reading everything again (as well as your very, very, very polite responses)… I can only assume Blue never actually watched the Sharon Stone video or read the transcript, before deciding to jump in with his rather disgusting interpretation. I don’t think you have anything to apologize for; your writing speaks for itself.

    I’m glad the Western media has picked up on this story. I’m sure DJ would also agree with me that he’s glad that he was initially wrong on that prediction. None of us here are in the business of predictions. If the Drudge Report hadn’t picked this up, it might not have spread; but he did, and the world’s a better place for it.

    As far as those who accused us Chinese of being too sensitive for focusing on the words of “just an actress”… hundreds of outraged comments on sites like TMZ tell us that many, many Americans are equally sensitive.

  60. yo Says:

    @Wu Di
    You don’t watch the daily show but you watch C-Span…..what the hellll maannnn!? 🙂

    Yeah, my impression is that The daily shows’s jokes are mostly centered on sarcasm which gets old sometimes. What I feel the better show now is “Real Time with Bill Maher”, but then again, it’s not a fair comparison because Maher is on HBO. But they both have interesting takes on politics and American news media.

  61. Buxi Says:

    I’m a big fan of Bill Maher too, and it wasn’t long ago that it was available on broadcast TV (ABC).

    I’ve always thought that Chinese TV networks should stop copying American shows like “1 versus 100” and “American Idol”… I’d rather we had a Chinese equivalent to:
    – Bill Maher,
    – Law and Order.

    But I don’t know if we Chinese are relaxed enough yet for a comedian to lead a political discussion…

  62. S.K. Cheung Says:

    To Buxi:
    we agree on something!!. L&O (the original one, though SVU is growing on me) is probably on my top 5 list of my lifetime. Never seen Bill Maher, but in Canada we have the Mercer Report on CBC. Unfortunately, Canadian politicians don’t seem as colourful (and at times stupid) as their American counterparts.

  63. Jack Says:

    “If the Drudge Report hadn’t picked this up, it might not have spread; but he did, and the world’s a better place for it.”

    The Drudge Report picking this up is a good thing? They didn’t pick it up because of the earthquake victims, they picked it up because they wanted to pander to their Republican audience, showing another Hollywood liberal make a fool out of themselves.

    And the post at the New Voice reads like a frothing-at-the-mouth rant.

    Anyways, it seems no one has really thought that maybe she fully knows what she’s saying and is just doing this to generate controversy. It’s not too far fetched since she’s a has-been and has nothing to lose from this.

    For this or any other reason, doing anything other than ignoring her would be pretty much helping her.

  64. DJ Says:

    B. Smith,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I didn’t bother to check out The Drudge Report reference until now, and guess what? The Drudge Report picked up from Breitbart, which picked up from the Shanghaiist, which picked up from this very post. Hehe.

  65. Nimrod Says:

    Oh, the irony of it all (if true). This post, of course, picked up the story from the Chinese language discussion sites, so the blogosphere language gap has been bridged. Is that success wrt the purpose of this blog?

  66. Blue Says:

    Buxi said: “I can only assume Blue never actually watched the Sharon Stone video or read the transcript, before deciding to jump in with his rather disgusting interpretation.”

    No. I watched the video and read the transcript. After doing that, I interpreted the bloggers’s writing as I did.

    The original fellatio comment did not ‘offend’ me in any way. Since it was not directed at me, how could it be of offense? I simply found the twisting of Sharon Stone’s words to create a degrading and violent sexual image a rather pathetic way of attacking her. It said far more about the blogger than it did about Sharon Stone. Therefore I commented.

    The subsequent lying is even more pathetic. The bloggers here have native level English and a good understanding of U.S. culture, including Sharon Stone’s place in it. There is no way on earth that the original writer unintentionally created the image he did.

  67. K Says:

    I have to admit that I had the same reaction to the blog comments as Blue, and initially thought that it was a very disturbing misogynist attack on Stone. However, after going back over the post it is clear that it was meant to refer to Stone’s earlier comment and wasn’t meant to be some sort of violent sexual image.

    I don’t think you need to have a particularly dirty mind to interpret the blog comment as a reference to fellatio. After all, this is a female actress (known for the sexual content of her movies) putting her head down and being of service to the (presumably male) author. However, if, like DJ, you had been closely listening to Stone’s original comments about her putting her head down and being of service then it would have been clear that he (again, I’m presuming DJ is male) was simply responding to her own words here. Personally, I skimmed Stone’s comments fairly quickly and then read the response more closely, which influenced the way I initially interpreted it.

    I think we need to have a bit more faith in each other’s intentions here and accusations of dirty minds or pathetic lying are not really helpful.

    However, to say that you might hit Stone in the head with something heavy and hard is not likely to win over anyone to your point of view and seems to be really out of place in this usually thoughtful blog.

  68. DJ Says:


    Thanks for the understanding. I was a bit shocked to be accused of writing misogynist stuff. I showed a colleague earlier today my post and asked if he would interpret something sexual out of it. He almost spitted out his coffee while reading it at my request. So yeah, it’s kinda awkward and unfortunate that this coincidence of wording and alternative interpretation happened.

    I fully endorse your call for “a bit more faith in each other’s intentions.” My first response and defense in comment #44 was written in haste and contained accusations (i.e. dirty mind) that were not appropriate nor particularly helpful in this discussion. And soon later I realized the mistake, backed off and apologized in comment #49. At this point I would like to respectfully request a reciprocal dose of understanding and good will from Blue.

    As for the language of hitting Stone in the head with something heavy and hard, SHRUG, it just flowed out of me at the moment of writing. Are there better ways of expressing my anger and disgust? Yes there must be. Do I wish I had chosen words differently? Yes I do. Do I want to retract these words? No, because I have to be honest with my feelings in this matter. I have not changed my reading of her speech, which was described in much better way than I could in the two New Voice posts I linked to, and I am still infuriated at her scorn for the tens of thousands killed and millions displaced.

  69. Blue Says:


    I think you had already backed down a little by the time I posted my second comment here. I didn’t bother to read all of the comments when I wrote my own second one. Anyway, I believe you did retract that ‘dirty mind’ comment. I should probably have been a bit politer in my second comment.

    So whatever, no big deal. . .

    Maybe you really didn’t intend the double meaning. I realize you were taking Sharon Stone’s own words and using them. I just also assumed you were deliberately going for the double meaning – kind of a clever double meaning, a little witty, but ultimately in bad taste. Maybe I jumped to the wrong conclusion there. I guess if you say you didn’t mean it then I should just accept that.

    Sorry for hounding you a bit over this, but the whole blog sphere and general atmosphere has become very nasty over the last few months. I have been a target for plenty of vitriol myself – even including misdirected physical attacks from Chinese nationalists. That being the case I am poorly disposed to the whole Chinese nationalist enterprise right now, including blogs that aim to ‘defend China’. I would say China has far too many idiots defending it right now (not putting you in the idiot category – you seem sane enough).

  70. Nimrod Says:

    Blue, sorry to hear your bad experience. Maybe this blog does have a misleading name. It isn’t to defend China, but to have China’s real voice (or rather the Chinese voice) heard, and that should naturally include describing it, analyzing it, defending it, criticizing it, and everything in between.

  71. TEE Says:


  72. admin Says:

    I’d also like to join K and DJ’s call for “more faith in each other’s intentions.”

    It was a genuine question when I asked if there was a culture difference. From my perspective, I just could not image the sentence you referred to was about fellatio. It does not mean, implied or otherwise, Chinese culture is superior. I am sorry if I failed to convey my intention clearly.

  73. Eric Says:

    @DJ: Thanks for apologizing for your comment, even if your apology was preceded by a sarcastic jab. To a western reader, it did clearly imply that the service you had in mind was sexual, but I do trust that that was not in fact your intention.

    On a more general note, when I think about how Chinese people could gain more acceptance for their views abroad, one of the most basic ways is to just let stuff like this slide. Getting really worked up about it isn’t productive, or really necessary.

    Often it is much better to just allow ignorant people to mouth off, and respond in a minimal fashion(i.e. by explaining your refusal to furnish a real response to an offensive comment) or not at all.

  74. Xioafang Says:

    Let’s take a breath here. No one says Chinese lives are worth less than Tibetan lives. It’s like we Chinese are really unable to see separate our government’s manipulation of us from reality. Sharon Stone is brainless. The Chinese government, though, is a hatemonger too.

  75. Bill Says:

    Many are criticising Sharon Stone but like it or not, millions agree with her. Stone has said out loud what a lot of people have been thinking. Her comments are the typical “politically incorrect” remarks that many support in silence.

  76. Opersai Says:

    I’d be really worried as to how far those “millions” moral has degraded to. Her speech is not a matter of “political incorrectness”. It’s basic human value which she lacks. Don’t drag politic into natural disaster. If you are going that way, what of Katrina?

  77. Buxi Says:

    Just a comment to ‘Xioafang’… if you’re going to continue to insist that your Chinese, you should work on your pinyin. Did you perhaps mean Xiaofang?

    Generally speaking, I think people here are sophisticated to interpret what people write fairly, regardless of what nationality they claim to be. If you have a point to make, I hope you’ll respect this platform enough to do it honestly.

  78. DJ Says:


    Boy oh boy it’s a good try on your part. But somehow I got a feeling that you will not be much successful at your effort.

    Call me an optimist. No matter how frustrated I have gotten while observing the imperfections of this humanly world, I never lost faith in the humanity after all. This is why I am writing for this blog. Any difference I can make in bridging the gap between China and the rest of the world through communications, no matter how small, shall be real.

    As for you and your millions, or is that “minions”, I nevertheless see value of your existence. No one is useless, you can always serve as the bad examples.

  79. vanna Says:


    = Karma means “deed” or “act”, is the universal principle of cause and effect, action and reaction that governs all life. Karma is not fate, for humans act with free will creating their own destiny. If we sow goodness, we will reap goodness; if we sow evil, we will reap evil. Karma refers to the totality of our actions and their concomitant reactions in THIS OR PREVIUS LIVES, all of which determines our future. The conquest of karma lies in intelligent action and dispassionate response.
    Since the chinese people have no spiritual education , of course they will not understand !
    Chinese people are one of the most evil people to animals, as the bilis bears, cats, dogs and animals for fur ! What they do is pure HORROR !They treat animals with total cruelty and even humans because they work so hard as slaves, have no freedon of speech and dont have humans rights. All this horror and pain they give to others comes back the same way.
    Dont think that you can hurt and be very cruel to an animal you will not suffer the same pain ! YOU WILL FOR SURE ! Animals fell the same we do , love, afection, pain, fear, hurt, hangry, thisty and horror too….
    Also china is one of the most causes for polution and global warming and this is the result, the planet is screaming because is being destroied !
    Sharon Stone and everybody else is free to think and say what they want !
    We have freedon of speech ! I think we must !
    = Of course is very sad what happened to the people in China. Everybody is extreamely broken heart about this situation.
    But it is karma and people have to understand that karma rules your life and is a universal law of action and reaction and acept and be better souls !
    We cannot scape from it !
    This life is likened to a field in which our Karma is the seed. We harvest exactly what we sow !
    About the animals just check here and much more !
    many animals are Skinned alive too so look for : Bloody fur market in China ! and so much more , just go to search at the internet ! CRUELTY TO ANIMALS IN CHINA ! you will find hundreds of pictures, videos and more information about this shooking reality …

    China has a Culture of Cruelty to animals, a long history of animal abuse is in the spotlight as Chinese county indiscriminately massacres animals for ages …

    = if you do evil , evil will come to you
    = if you do good, good will come to you



  80. sam Says:

    [This post is deleted because of inappropriate language.]

    – sam, we appreciate your posts, but please keep them clean and on topic, no personal attacks –

  81. sam Says:

    [This post is deleted because of inappropriate language.]

    @sam, again, we welcome your presence at this blog. But please consider your tone and choice of words.

  82. Opersai Says:

    sam, please restrain you language and hate speech.

    Vanna, I find you very disgusting. I don’t want to rebut your distasteful statement since I couldn’t find myself to write it without wanting to wish you death wishes. So I’ll rest that to someone who can respond less emotionally to such idiocy.

  83. Eddy Says:

    So what, now no one can express an opinion, even a stupid one? There are endless stupid opinions on endless topics. The entire position of the Chinese Government is inherently stupid, full of lies and distortions in order to rationalize the illegal occupation of another country. So many people are angry at those who want to boycott the Olympics but it was okay when China did it. Come on people! Talk about hypocrisy. It’s easy, get out of Tibet, along with the rest of the Han Chinese and the entire world will back off and support you for being sensitive to the well being of human beings and not just fanatical nationalists.

  84. Buxi Says:


    If there’s one thing you’ll find on this blog, it’s that we’re not afraid of opinions. We have plenty of our own, but we’re also willing to back it up with logic and discussion.

    If you want to argue whether the Chinese government’s position on Tibet is “inherently stupid”, feel free to drop in on numerous other discussions on Tibet. Bring your thinking cap, and leave the potty-mouth at home.


  85. bill t Says:

    In some sense, such an attitude from a friend of Dalai Lama’s is revealing, isn’t it?

    It is revealing if you believe in guilt by association and other smear tactics.

    when you put your head down, I might be tempted to knock something really heavy and hard on it.

    What she said was stupid, crass, and callous. But physically threatening people doesn’t really help your case. It really just makes you look equally stupid and crass.

  86. DJ Says:

    bill t,

    Re: “It is revealing if you believe in guilt by association and other smear tactics.”

    Please see my further comment at #7. Please also note that I have refrained from criticizing/attacking Dalai Lama in any discussion so far. I probably will discuss my concern of his role (e.g. in the context of theocracy), but I don’t feel ready yet.

    Re: “physically threatening people doesn’t really help your case. It really just makes you look equally stupid and crass.”

    I can’t argue with you here. But please also note my comments at # 44, 49, 70, and of course, my latest entry. I also do not expect to spend my energy on Sharon Stone any more.

  87. "R" Addison Says:

    tO Sharon,

    You do not have a diminished dharma by speaking “strongly & with conviction”. In fact of principle, having been your friend from time to space-Time, you would probably be beside yourself, if you had side-Stepped the inconsequencia of the earthquakes we have, and have had to live with in good-Ole san-Fran, too! That those killed in the China: sichuan-Quake perished because of rotten “governance” by a communist-Party whose autocracy kills Tibetans by the imperatives of plutocratic chinese-Governance would have had fewer responses to the autocracy and crass-Commercialism of the impending “Olympiad’s” diminished needs anyway? How can anyone not stand beside your strength-of-Conviction; and, how could no one offer an apology-Accepted: after your contumescence, too?

    The oligarches of corporatism should not “cop-Out” but they do little other than point-Finger, as neo-Con’s sit-by-the-Wayside and make excuses-Galore. The people learn little from neo-Con’s, but this time, they must admonish the celebrity has “truths”. Your truth was equitable, timely and surrogate to individual-Demeanor, not corporate-Whitewash and to heck w not rebuilding w “quake-Proof” better-not-Be damned was the resolve of their tarnish not yours, says to me where your “head” was at was positive-Thinking.

    You’re still my friend and yet a strong-Individual, who’s allowed to say the same, again.

    Thank you for being not outspoken, and thanks for remaining upstanding in the face of both discivilries, altho rebuilding quake-Proofs has yet to be heard “officially”…

    love from the peace-POet/Warrior,
    “R” Addison

    p.s. you people above do have some ‘good’ adjuncts that comprise open-Hearted “head-Space” that measures what humanity ought to but does not–over-Reactionism–necessarily seem to need? Whether natural or humanistic “a maddening realization” ensconced beyond fidelity by state-Run, not corporate, media .ie. chien-Scene…

  88. Eric Says:

    Recently the HK model Janice Man said


    Shanghaiist translates the first part as “You can’t say whether this is karma or not because nobody wants to see a big disaster happen.” but I think the translation of 报应 (bàoyìng) as “karma” is intentional to draw a parallel to Sharon Stone’s comment. I’d suggest either retribution or punishment as a possible alternative.

    Regardless of that quibble, will all of you over-sensitive whiners flip out so hard this time around, or is it OK to say that the heavens are punishing China for not being environmentally conscious, just not OK to mention Tibet?

  89. Opersai Says:


    NO, it’s not ok either way! I haven’t picked up that one yet. But at moment I’m a bit too tired to be angry anymore.

    For that HK model whoever, well,hoping she will receive her karma soon!

  90. Eric Says:


    The whole point of my post was that any and all vapid idiots commenting on things they don’t understand should be completely ignored and nothing else.

    Neither Ms. Man or Ms. Stone are intellectuals, experts, or even rationally-minded lay(wo)men. They are superstitious and tactless, so why bother getting your panties in a twist over their comments?

  91. Buxi Says:


    Regardless of that quibble, will all of you over-sensitive whiners flip out so hard this time around, or is it OK to say that the heavens are punishing China for not being environmentally conscious, just not OK to mention Tibet?

    According to ESWN’s translation of the Apple Daily article about Ms. Man: “After that, all hell broke loose on the Hong Kong discussion forums.”


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