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A call for material

Written by Buxi on Monday, May 19th, 2008 at 5:11 pm
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This blog site is intended to be a collaborative effort; it doesn’t belong to any individual.

We welcome all voices representing the Chinese mainstream speaking in English.  I’ve come across examples of wonderful, insightful writing from Chinese on other blogs, letters submitted to English newspapers, etc… and I really hope this site could act as a central clearinghouse for sharing and saving this material.  Many of the comments left on this blog are also wonderful.

For those who write material (or just happen to find some), please let us know.  You can email the email address in the “About” page above.  If you think you have the time to be a regular contributor, please contact us about joining us as an editor as well.

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5 Responses to “A call for material”

  1. Buxi Says:

    And by the way, I believe this site can contain voices that disagree with me as well. There is a huge volume of debate within China on every topic, and I think this blog should reflect that diversity and conflict.

    However, my only request is that we only bring in voices that approximate *mainstream* opinion. China is 1.3 billion people, and opinions with only 1% support still translates into 13 million extremists. Everyone is welcome to comment, but we will not emphasize the voices of the extremist minority by publishing their tracts on the front page.

    Let me also make one special request: I think our own life experiences are valuable in explaining our experiences and perspectives. I would love to post more “Who is xxxx?” messages from anyone interested in sharing their own life and perspectives.

  2. jim Says:

    If you want my advice (and i’m sure you don’t), try not to create an echo chamber — you won’t change anything nor convince anyone but yourselves. There is a huge gulf between Chinese and “Westerners” — that gulf will never be overcome by most on both sides. You just have to accept that.

    When I talk to Americans about China, I try to explain what I think is the Chinese perspective. I have often been labeled a “communist sympathizer” or a “CCP shill” for this. When I talk to Chinese about the US, I try to explain why Americans think the way they do. I have often been labeled “anti-Chinese, racist, and imperialist” for my efforts. Unfortunately, that is what you encounter when you live between two cultures. In any case, you have to be willing to risk misunderstandings and misinterpretations or no progress will ever be made.

  3. Buxi Says:


    I do welcome your advice. I want this site to serve two purposes:

    – a rallying point for primarily English-speaking overseas Chinese who themselves are not informed about Chinese issues,
    – a gathering point for anyone that’s interested in debating Chinese issues, critical or not.

    I pledge that this site will not be used to shout down or drown out the critics of China. In fact, I invite them to participate in the discussion. We might ultimately still disagree, but I know at heart that only through debate can I prove to them that the Chinese opinion deserves to be respected.

  4. Jane Says:

    I think Jim ought to contribute. Haha. I would contribute except writing is not my forte. I agree with Jim, bilingual/bicultural people like us are kind of stuck in the middle. It is extremely difficult to convey each side’s perspective to the other side without being labeled either a commie sympathizer or an anti-China imperialist. But with more time and more interaction, there will be more and more people like us. I felt completely alone 10 years ago; now I know I am not the only one; and in another 10 years the views and perspectives on China will be even more vibrant and diverse. I look forward to it.

  5. Buxi Says:

    I’m glad to say we’ve received early support from other well-established blogs in the Chinese world. This includes the China Law Blog, as well as Zonaeuropa.

    It’s not because they fully agree with our opinions; it’s because they recognize that the opinions expressed so far are rational and logical. And for the same reason, we respect many other voices in the “China” blog world.

    This really shouldn’t be surprising… China is not a nation of 1.3 billion maniacs or mental midgets; if we support our government on any specific policy, a reason usually exists.

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