Jun 27

I worked in China as a journalist on and off for most of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I never quite knew what to write about the constant popular protest going on – little uprisings about the place. Did they mean the country was in trouble? They’re still going on today, and I just loved talking to Elizabeth Perry, one of the most amazing Western professors on China, who really put it all in context for me (again, like the previous interview I posted, also choosing five books on the subject):

Jun 27

Xinran on understanding China

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This is the last interview I’m posting, but here is Xinran suggesting that if you read these fivebooks, you’ll understand China!

Jun 27

I really think that Chinese dissidents have been marginalized, which is a pity, when what they say is so important.
Here, another interview about books I’d like to post, with Laogai survivor, Harry Wu.

Jun 27

Hi everyone, I have been interviewing various authorities on China-related themes, and I wanted to post some of them for anyone who is interested. Firstly, I have Rod MacFarquhar on the Cultural Revolution.
He chooses the five best books on it and also says that China is in denial about it and needs to come to terms with it, that it’s not healthy: