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Chinese Bloggers React to New York Times’ Vocational School Cyber War Story

Written by Charles Liu on Saturday, February 20th, 2010 at 9:19 am
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H/T to Chops for the NYT article where Lanxiang Technical School, a vocational school in Shandong, was outed as a secret base for Chinese government’s cyber war effort. Here are few reactions from Chinese bloggers:

(A place known for its culinary program have such a huge secret)

(Forget learning computers at Tsinghua, Lanxiang is awesome.)

(This school has won the lottery)

(Lanxiang Technical School students have the ability to attack google?)

(an essay titled “Why Lanxiang Vocational Is Better Than Harvard”, satirizing the “X University is better than Harvard” Chinese internet meme)

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2 Responses to “Chinese Bloggers React to New York Times’ Vocational School Cyber War Story”

  1. Charles Liu Says:

    Here’s one more:

    (Tang Guochang* is actually a secret agent)

    *Tang Guochang is Lanxiang Vocational’s celeb spokesperson/infomercial host.

  2. TonyP4 Says:

    Another good read from WSJ.


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