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【风华国乐】 琵琶语 (Pi Pa Language) / 蒋彦 (琵琶) 林海 (作曲)

Written by dewang on Thursday, October 15th, 2009 at 8:01 am
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11 Responses to “【风华国乐】 琵琶语 (Pi Pa Language) / 蒋彦 (琵琶) 林海 (作曲)”

  1. dewang Says:

    Like the dizi and the xiao, the pipa instrument is also about 2000 years old. This melody, “Pi Pa Language” is so beautiful. I can listen to it all day.

  2. Charles Liu Says:


  3. ZZ Zhou Says:

    Very nice tune, but the arrangement is a little too “pop”, highly simplified. Traditional pipa techniques are not used; that’s fine; but why all singular notes with no chords or bass line?

  4. dewang Says:

    Hi ZZ Zhou,

    You probably have a better set of trained ears than me. Following piece, I’ve read, is not playable by many pipa players, even if they train their whole life for it. Not sure how true that is.

    风华国乐 阳春白雪 (Sunny Spring White Snow) 琵琶独奏 (Pi Pa solo) 李晖演奏

  5. Steve Says:

    Dewang, the first song was good but this one I like much better. Is it an old song? I noticed she used harmonics and I wonder if that was something that has been around for a long time or a more modern touch?

  6. dewang Says:

    Hi Steve,

    According to link below, this music was composed during the Spring and Autum period (first half of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, 800BC – 500BC), by musician Shi Kuang of State of Jin (or some other musicians, Qi Liu or Juan-Zi).

    Google Translation of http://baike.baidu.com/view/17094.htm

    This is really ancient stuff. A lot of development in relation to this music occurred throughout Chinese history.

  7. Steve Says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize it was that old. I wonder if it is still played in its original form or if it has been embellished over the centuries? Regardless, it’s a great piece! I put it on my Facebook page and have already received compliments. 🙂

  8. justkeeper Says:

    Well I doubt it’s from the Spring and Autumn era, Chinese music instruments back then were nearly all percussion ones. Today’s Pi Pa was more an exotic instrument for barbarians(sorry, I have to use this word to describe the concept “Hu”) then, and it was not widely imported and modified into the central plain until the Han Dynasty. But in Tang the foreign music instruments become dominant in the Middle Kingdom and replace the percussion instruments as the main instruments played in the royal court. At least that’s the Chinese music history I can remember.

  9. dewang Says:

    Hi justkeeper,

    I meant the music was from Spring and Autumn era, not the instrument. Pipa is about 2000 years old.

  10. linho Says:

    Flowing Stream Arranged by Bao Yuankai Conducted by Chen Zuohuang Performed by China National Symphony Orchestra

    鲍元恺: 云岭素描 之 小河淌水


  11. linho Says:

    This performance by Vienna Philharmonic


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