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Shanghai Expo 2010 beats Osaka 1970 thanks to autumn records

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70 million visitors are expected to visit the expo, making it the most visited in history.
[from 1.may till 31.oct expected 70 million visitors is about 0.38millions/day]

The ongoing Shanghai World Expo 2010 has received 50 million visitors as of 5:31 p.m. Friday [10. sept]
[1.may-10.sep 50M/130d = reached 0.38M/d but:]

The bureau estimates, by the end of the Expo, that the number of visitors to the 184-day event will reach around 60 million.
[10.sep-31.oct 60M-50M = 10M, 10M/50d = expected average about 0.2M/d during the last exhibition days, but:]

The ongoing Shanghai World Expo 2010 had received more than 60 million visitors as of Friday noon [8. oct]
[10.sep-8.oct 60M-50M = 10M, 10M/30d = grow to 0.3M/d, even with new record:]
The event saw a record high of 630,000 visitors on Sept. 23, the second day of the three-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday.

A total of 1.03 million people visited the Shanghai World Exposition on Saturday [16. oct], a record number since the Expo opened.
The Expo had received some 64.62 million visitors by the end of Saturday [16. oct]
[9.oct-16.oct 64,6M-60M = 4.6M, 4.6M-1.03M(daily record) = 3.6M, 3.6M/7d = continual grow to 0,47M/d followed by 1.03M/d record]

The previous record was set during the 1970 Osaka World Expo in Japan, which about 64 million people attended over a six month period.
[Japan beaten and also plan 70 million visitors fulfilled:]

Some 451,200 visitors entered into the Expo Park by 11 a.m. Sunday [24. oct], bring the total number to 70.159 million
The number of visitors broke the previous record set during the 1970 Osaka World Expo in Japan, which attracted 64 million people, on Oct. 18 when it reached 65.8 million.
[17.oct-18.oct 65.8M-64.62M = 1.2M, 1.2M/2d = average 0.6M/d]
[19.oct-24.oct 70.159M-65.8M = 4.36M, 4.36M/6d = average 0.73M/d]

From cina.exil.sk http://www.exil.sk/site/cina.php/2010/10/25/sanghajske_expo_2010, author Tibor Blazko.

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